25 lessons learned while blogging

I’m super happy to announce that this, dear reader friends, is my 25th blog post!  Never thought I’d make it this far!  *Hands in the air in praise*  Thank you, Lord!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support through comments, follows, and subscriptions.  And you lurkers, subscribe to the thing and leave a comment already!

In honor of my little blogging milestone, here are 25 lessons I’ve learned along the blogging path.  “How do I blog thee?  Let me count the ways!”

1.  Blogging.  Takes.  Time.  Duh, I know; it should have been obvious.  It is far more time-consuming than I anticipated, but in a good way … I think?

2.  Who knew that I’d be entering a vast new world of blogging buddies/Twitter tweethearts/Facebook fans?  I appreciate and learn so much from each of you.   Kudos to you all!

3.  I’ve learned to show my flesh a back seat and to let God get the glory in what I write.  My motives have been sifted, right before my eyes.

4.  I’ve had to seriously fine-tune my organizing skills to accommodate this blog.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed, not so much with writing but with the other aspects of blogging.  Can we say balance, balance, and more balance?

5.  I’m so longing for Comment Luv to work on my blog.   I know they’re tired of me over at Intense Debate.  Let’s get this thing together already!

6.  Writing well isn’t enough; you have to market your blog and show interest in other people’s work too.

7.  Engaging in social media as a blogger can feel like bungee jumping:  exhilarating, but a tad scary!

8.  I still don’t quite understand what a meme is.  I know; I’m slow.

9.  I’m so grateful to the individuals and groups that share information and encourage new bloggers.  I salute you all, especially the SITS Girls, MomComm, Shelley Ellen, ProBlogger, Michelle Shaeffer, and BlogFrog.

10.  Without a pen and paper around to jot down post ideas, I’d be an unrestrained hot mess.

11.  Even with pen and paper, I am an unrestrained hot mess … who blogs.  🙂  (hmmm, sounds like a good tag line, eh?)

12.  I’m kinda scared of the blogging chats on Twitter, even though I’d love to participate.  Everything moves so quickly.    How (or when) to jump in?  Yikes!

13.  I wish I had time to look into all the cool plug-ins and programs out there.  Where’s a girl to start?

14.  The posts that I think are going to be a hit are often a miss, and vice versa.  #whatcanitellya?

15.  I struggle with balancing the serious posts with the quirkier ones.  Choices!

16.  No matter how I try to stick to a blog schedule, something new always comes in and overrides the planned post.  What’s up with that?

17.  I need to learn to write shorter posts.  I’m an editor; so why is that so hard for me? Um, cuz I talk too much?

18. I have great respect for people who blog every day.  How. Do. You. Do. It?

19.  I wish I had more time to read other people’s blogs.  I was subscribed to or following 102 up to last month; I caved in and slashed the number to about 40.  Still torn about the decision.

20.   Excited about adding new elements to the blog next year.  Anxious about how I’ll balance those new commitments. *smile*

21.  Blogging forced me to pull out my HTML and CSS textbooks so that I could learn again how to doctor my text.  Fun!

22.  I realize, yet again (re: #21 above), that I am a geek.  I accept it and revel in it.

23.  I love looking for appropriate pictures and videos to go along with each post!

24.  A blog is nothing without someone(s) to share it with.  Readers, I really love the interaction via your comments.  Keep them coming!  And those of you who haven’t commented yet…  *wags index finger*  You know who you are!

25.  Leave a comment!


  1. @RachelAllisonCall it luck of the draw… some things resonate more with readers than others. Good thing we write from the heart, else we'd really be disappointed!

  2. Congrats, Alison!! Keep up the good work. I admire your persistence and abilities. You inspire me, even if I have been away from my own blog for months.

  3. @RachelAllisonIt's a balancing act, but more and more I feel the tug toward the fun stuff, especially with the holidays coming up. Ah, blogging fun! LOL!

  4. @Pamela Ray BaldwinPam, I'm looking forward to seeing you hit 25 as well! Blogging really takes a lot out of us, but it's worth it!

  5. RachelAllison says:

    Congrats!!! I've been waiting for my fiftieth post to do something special… since I passed 25 without much consideration to the possibilities. lol
    And I so agree with so many of these! Especially #14… what's up with that?! lol

  6. Congratulations on your 25th post! Keep going and I'll keep reading!

  7. RachelAllison says:

    @AlisonYes, that's a very good thing(:
    Oh, and btw, I can relate with #15 too! I would love to let my sense of humor run free in my blog, but it's so hard to balance the quirky with the serious… and so many of my posts are serious. Still trying to figure this one out…

  8. @TheProDivaThat's the plan! LOL!

  9. Congratulations Alison on your 25th blog post. I really enjoy your writing. At a couple points, in the not to distant past, I toyed with the idea of blogging, but quickly realized that i needed 48hr days…still waiting for those. I look forward to reading the 50th and 100th.



  10. @AnonymousArlene, I still think you should give blogging a try. I think you'd be great at it!

  11. @LC HuntYou're right; that's the definition I've seen, but I still have trouble trying to come up with one on my own… LOL!

  12. Good job with your list. You are right … it is work, but it sure is fun work, isn't it. Now that I have come to think of it, I don't know if bloggers that put #8 are being literal about it or not – "A meme ( /ˈmiːm/[1]) is "an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture."[2]" – not sure it always applies when they use it, but still … that is what it should be 🙂 What do you think?

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