A different Christmas list

Can I interest you in creating a different Christmas list?

Amidst the buying frenzy of the holidays

Long after the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays and Giving Tuesdays are over

While you make your list and check it twice…


Can I encourage you to remember those who 

  • Are bought over and over, sometimes up to 40 times a day.  That’s the buying frenzy they know.
  • Are living a bleak, extended remix of a black, despair-riddled Friday every. single. day.  The “bargain”?  How little the john can pay for them. 
  • Are on the list to be bartered like any another product on the market.
  • Are of little value except for the price their bodies can command to the highest bidder.
  • Are risking daily beatings and sometimes death if they are no longer moneymakers for their bosses.
  • Are dead to the joy of receiving and giving gifts at Christmas.

What if your “different Christmas list” included:

  • A decision to support organizations like The Exodus Road that search for kids and women enslaved against their will and rescue them from that death-style?
  • A contribution to any organization that fights to abolish human trafficking and sexual slavery?
  • A commitment to pray for those desperately needing the gifts of intercession, concerted action, and a willingness to speak out about slavery?

Will you prayerfully join me in preparing a different Christmas list this December? 

This is what your “different Christmas list” could help eliminate:   

Listen to Hosanna Poetry as she makes a case for freedom for those precious souls–millions today, in 2013!–still bound up in the horrors of human trafficking.

And this is what your “different Christmas list” could mean for just one young girl:

Are you ready to compile your “different Christmas list”?


  1. Powerful and heart wrenching. That poem is real and raw. I continue to pray for the victims and the organizations that support and bring awareness. I pray for you too Alison that God will continue to bless you for doing your part by consistently getting the word out..
    Hope recently posted..Christmas year roundMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Hope. You’ve always been very supportive, and I deeply appreciate that. The poem did me in. She really touched the places that need to be awakened in each of us regarding the responsibility we have as humans, and more so as Christians, to respond appropriately to the horror of human trafficking.
      Alison recently posted..A different Christmas listMy Profile

  2. I would like to repeat everything that Hope said. This stopped me in my hurried tracks. God bless you for having such a burden to bless and heal those who are truly suffering… this is one of those horrors that must end. Thank you for bringing this to my attention again.

    I needed the reminder…

    God bless you Alison!
    Chris Carter recently posted..Devotional Diary: BreatheMy Profile

  3. Thank for sharing this important post Alison. This information is absolutely heartbreaking but crucial for all of us to know.-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..A Lazy Mom’s Guide To The Elf On The ShelfMy Profile

    • Knowledge is power in this struggle, Ashley. The more we know, the more we’re empowered to take decisions that can make a lasting difference.

  4. Hi Alison! This is just very sad. It’s so hard to believe that people make a living doing such harm to others. Mind boggling.

    You have really educated me today. Every country in the world? I am thankful that you are getting this information out to all of us. Maybe you always knew about it, but I sure didn’t.
    Ceil recently posted..Graduation Give-Away and Sunshine AwardMy Profile

    • I’m glad you learned something new about the trafficking world through this post, Ceil. For me, it’s like a fire shut up in my bones: I have to share about it. It is pernicious and cancerous. The injury to millions, many of them children, is truly mind-boggling.
      Alison recently posted..A different Christmas listMy Profile

  5. Kenya G. Johnson says:

    Wow, I going to have to come back and finish the videos. I got two minutes into the first one. I’ve got goosebumps.

    Just wow.

  6. Alison, you are an inspiration. Thank you for reminding us of the issues that are important to God. Your posts always result in prayer. Looking back, I continue to be amazed at God in you.


  7. This makes me so sad. I’m still saddened by the movie Taken. If you haven’t seen that one you should check out the trailer on youtube. We saw that right before I studied abroad in Spain. And then more recently, I saw a horrific episode of Katie Couric where a woman talked about her story. It really makes me so grieved. And the sad thing is, I think the industry is so huge (like drugs) because of what the movie Taken shows; law enforcement and governments are involved and aren’t doing much about it because of the money it is producing. 🙁 Great post Allison!
    Brittnei recently posted..Homemaking With Style Made The Switch!My Profile

  8. What Hope said!! She said it perfectly. I’m sickened, and like Brittnei said, the movie “Taken” still haunts me and I saw it ages ago.
    Tamara recently posted..Honey, I Broke The Baby & My Mind.My Profile

    • That’s why I get so impassioned about trafficking, Tamara. It’s haunting to get even a small sense of what the women and children go through on a daily basis. The thing is, we have the power to make a difference, if we choose to.
      Alison recently posted..A different Christmas listMy Profile

  9. Those videos are powerful. Hope really said it well. This is just horrendous and while it was hard to listen and watch those videos, it’s also important for people to know.
    Michelle recently posted..Crazy Stressful Holidays, Ladies Only Blog Share Style!My Profile

  10. Yes you’ve definetly interested me in a different Christmas list. This breaks my heart every single time I’m made aware of it. It’s awful the things ppl are subjected to around the world. I’m going to support your organization bc I trust you and I’m unaware of any local efforts. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Hosanna’s delivery is touching!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..Contracting Clients with Robinson and Associates, LLCMy Profile

  11. Thank you Alison for cutting through all the frivolous fluff that often comes with the holidays and point us to ways we can really make a greater impact.
    Wanda recently posted..The Friday Five | Weekly Blog LoveMy Profile

  12. Sometimes we forget about all the horror in the world. It’s sad. Especially at this time of the year.
    Tess recently posted..Freebie Friday: Winter Chalkboard ArtMy Profile

  13. It is, Tess. But the beauty of the situation is that we can still make a difference, albeit a small one, in the lives of victims.
    Alison recently posted..A different Christmas listMy Profile

  14. You can definitely interest me in another kind of Christmas list because the usually parking jams and shopping chaos is completely not on the list this year. I just don’t feel motivated to do any of that. I’m going to share this with my sister in law. She’d probably like this as much as I do. Thanks for sharing.
    Andrea recently posted..BeQuoted: Nelson Mandela EditionMy Profile

    • Thanks, Andrea. We’re on the same page. The shopping chaos, at least for me, is borderline annoying. It makes Christmas meaningless. I know… we give gifts because God gave His son as a gift to us, but the whole thing has grown waaaaay out of proportion.

      Have a good weekend, my dear.
      Alison recently posted..A different Christmas listMy Profile

      • Alison,
        I wholeheartedly agree. Merchants have commercialized Christmas to the point that many people who profess to be believers seem to have forgotten what the true meaning is all about. Thank you for sharing and supporting such a worthy cause.

        • Thanks, Trinity! I see the commercialization of Christmas as a great trick of satan to get us away from the true reason for the season. It’s up to us to take it back!

  15. What a great challenge leading into Christmas. Love your heart and your voice for trafficked women and children! Keep it up friend!
    Jen Sandbulte recently posted..Dressember, Fleece Leggings and JesusMy Profile

  16. I have not seen Taken but I will be watching it. This hurts my heart and I will be sharing this with others to spread the word.
    Kita recently posted..5 places to shop for Christmas without breaking the bankMy Profile

    • Thanks, Kita! The more people who we make aware of trafficking, the more likely it is that action will be taken in some form to help victims.

  17. This is one of the reasons I love and support Joyce Meyer Ministries. She’s very big on helping to end the human trafficking problem we have in this problem.

    Sadly, none of it will end until Jesus returns but we can show people the love of God in the meantime!
    Ally please send me your # again. I think I deleted it when I was “organizing” LOL. I went to call you a few days ago and was like ummm where’s the email LOL
    Michelle recently posted..Best Bobby Pins for Natural HairMy Profile

  18. I will pray this prayer with you. I can’t handle movies like taken, but I know the premise. These are super serious and important issues! Thank you for sharing that infographic with us.
    nellie recently posted..Weekly Wednesday Workout: Flutter KicksMy Profile

    • Thanks for agreeing to pray, Nellie. It’s probably the most important step any of us can take to tackle the behemoth that is human trafficking. I, too, can’t handle movies like Taken. I do, however, know that what each of us intentionally does, no matter how small, can make a difference to a trafficked person.
      Alison recently posted..How will we receive them?My Profile

  19. alison, this is such an important message. we can get caught up in the excesses of the holiday and forget that there are so many out there who are suffering! i’m so glad you’re bringing this cause to our attention. i am joining you!
    catherine gacad recently posted..Holiday UpdateMy Profile

  20. Excellent plan, Catherine! Let’s make sure that the “different Christmas list” lasts beyond the season!
    Alison recently posted..Fruit that remainsMy Profile

  21. Reading this post made me think of Taken as well. It pains me to know terrible things are going on in the world around us. What’s even more scary is many aren’t even aware. Consumerism and commercialism can really have that “blinding” effect on you. I try my best to focus on love and family during these times, but reading this post reminds me that I need to expand my “backyard” to the entire world around me. People are suffering.

    Thanks for always inspiring and shedding light on matters that truly count, Alison 😉
    Drea recently posted..Wash Day + Bantu Knot Results (8 WEEKS POST)My Profile

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