A funny thing happened on the way out of the restroom…

I mean, I get some of my best ideas while on the throne and in the shower.  And on this particular occasion, the idea was plain brilliant (in my mind, at least) while I was in the ladies’ room.  I washed my hands and the idea that was bright and burning mere seconds ago slipped straight down the drain with the soapy water.

What’s up with that?

Tell me that I’m not alone in this strange black hole of vanishing thoughts.  Somebody come alongside me!

And it’s not like I don’t fight it.  I’m pretty well organized; some may go as far as to call me the Mayor of Analville.  Y’all know who you are.  *side eye*  

I have pen and paper everywhere.  Except the bathroom.  Hmmm.  Note to self…

Thing is, this keeps happening to me.  My mom says I suffer from brain overload; she might be on to something.  And I know I’m approaching a “special” birthday, but this memory loss/close encounters of the embarrassing kind is a bit disconcerting.

Cases in point:

1.  I order tickets in January for an event to be held in Florida in March. Tickets arrive; I don’t remember to look at them until the very day of the event–while driving to it.  I had intended to buy tickets for the Sunday show; I show up on Sunday with tickets for the Saturday show.  Only the grace and favor of God got me in.  Still shaking my head eight months later.

2.  I order knee-highs online; pack them away until I’m ready to use them.  Pull a pair out; they’re kinda slack but I can’t work out why.  After a few days of this strangeness, I decide to read the package.  I bought size QT, which fits women weighing 170 to 284 pounds.  I weigh 120 pounds.

3.  I went to the theater one evening in October and changed outfit in the bathroom at work before heading to the event.  I get home after the event and start to panic because I can’t find the pants of the two-piece outfit I had worn to work.  I begin to ponder how I’d explain my dilemma to the custodial workers on the job.

Me:  Um, has anyone reported finding a pair of pants in the ladies’ room?

Them:  What? A pair of pants?  Whose pants?

Me:  *hangs head*  I think I left my pants in one of the bathroom stalls.

Them:  *blank stares*

Well, after much frantic pacing and retracing my steps throughout the house (by then it was after midnight), I realized that the pants had fallen out of the bag and between the mattress and the foot board in my bedroom.

I covet your prayers.

Any “funny stuff” happening to your memory?


  1. LOLOL! My funny stuff is a little less dramatic. Like I'm walking around frantically looking for my car keys to only notice 5 minutes later that they're in my hand.

    Yes Lord, thank you for mercy.

  2. @Michelle @Radiant Brown BeautyYeah Michelle, been there, done that! And putting strange objects in the fridge that don't need to be there! LOL!

  3. How about talking on the phone while looking for the same phone and saying out loud "I can't find my phone" 🙂 LOL #embarrassed

  4. Anonymous says:

    How about looking for your glasses, only to have a three year tell you that your glasses are on your head…. give you a look like, what is wrong with her….LOL

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are not alone, my desk faces the door and the desk with the computer is behind me. Check this out, I would think about doing something on the computer, swing around only to find that I have forgotten what I was supposed to do. This has happened a few times too many. Prayers are definitely in order here.

  6. @KerisGirl, remember when I was talking with the clock in my hand and wondering why you sounded so far away? ROTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Muddoo!

  7. @AnonymousDepend on a three-year-old to go there. No fear in outing an adult. LOL!

  8. @AnonymousLOL! We need a thought whisperer! ROTF!

  9. Oh, this is so, SO familiar. What drives me nuts is when I pick up something (lets say a camera) and head to take a picture of something. A kid interrupts me with some minor request, during which I put the camera down. Literally 60 seconds later I can't for the life of me remember where I put it and I spent 60 MINUTES finding it.

  10. You all have certainly made me feel better. Try Lyme disease brain fog. You get in the car, drive and forget where you are going and why or you don't recognize the road you've traveled on for 14 yrs. I can look straight in the face of my child and can't remember their name to save my life. Not being able to find my keys when they're always in my purse. What's even funnier is some of the dumbest things that I say because my brain wires get all mixed up or something! 🙂 You're not alone Ali.

  11. @Shannon BreenShannon, I feel ya! That stuff is maddening! Aaaaarghhh!

  12. @TriciaGirl, I know those kids must wonder what's up when you can't remember their names! Thank God for grace… and meds!

  13. Bin there, done that. My most resent..leaving the house to go into town with two bags, my purse and a plastic bag. Got to the car and looking frantically for my purse to get the car keys, then turning back towards to house to look purse that is over my shoulder. (senior citizen moment) LOL.

  14. @BarbaraGirl, for me it's more than a senior citizen moment, it's more like a senior citizen season! LOL!

  15. @RachelAllisonOkay Rachel, you are waaaaaay to young to be experiencing this sort of thing. We have to find some way to keep you from falling totally into the black hole of lost thoughts!

  16. @RachelAllisonGirlfriend's got a plan! Yes!

  17. RachelAllison says:

    At sixteen, y'all will probably tell me I'm too young for this, but I can relate. I delayed walking out the door for at least ten whole minutes the other day because I couldn't find the purse that was hanging over my shoulder. Not to mention all of the times that I walk downstairs to get something, only to completely forget about it and come back up stairs without it. Then I remember that I wanted to get it and go back downstairs… only to stand there with a blank look on my face, trying to remember what I came to get! I blame it all on my writers brain; I have so many thoughts going through my head all of the time, you can't possibly expect me to keep them in order! lol 😉

  18. RachelAllison says:

    @Alison It's called sticky notes and dry-erase boards everywhere! lol

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well, I don't know if I should be comforted knowing there are many of us in the same boat or if I should be worried…as this sounds like our generation is experiencing the onset of dementia quite early. I have done just about all of the above. My worst moment was…well, I can't remember it now…but I did when I started this post. I promise you and I'm not even kidding? Sounds familiar? You know, when my young daughter was in 12th grade a few short years ago, she said that her class suffered for "senioritis". (senior in hi school who becomes lazy and is just ready for graduation). I tell you, this seems to be the real "SENIORITIS. I don't know that we all qualify for the official senior citizen definition, but from the responses, it seems that we feel like it. 🙁 And I will post my worst moment, when it comes to mind…hopefully, I will be close to a computer, as I do not use FB on my phone.

    Great topic, Alison. I loved the image of your thoughts going down the sink drain with the soap water…

    Arlene C

  20. @AnonymousI love Senioritis! That's what I'm going to use from now on to explain my predicament. Too many people are battling this affliction, though. Lord help us. Really.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Just love when I 'hide things real good'… because I don't want to lose 'em or forget 'em… only for just that to happen. And you search forever only to find it 8 months later and wondering why you ever put it up so good! Totally defeats the purpose because when you really needed it you just couldn't find it! Lol! Dang!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I'll tell you this about my friend because she won't mind! Well, imagine locking your keys in your car not once but twice in one day! Lol! Stressful day!

  23. @Anonymous ROTF! I know she was worn out with all of that "search and rescue" going on!

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