Ask Away Friday with Andrea @BeQuoted

One of the many perks of blogging is interacting with bloggers with whom you click with ease.  That’s been the case with Andrea Moore of BeQuoted, a lifestyle blog that encourages us to: “Say something worth being repeated…or say nothing at all.”   Love it!  
Andrea MooreAndrea is bright, beautiful, and articulate, with a razor-sharp wit and a willingness to go against the grain if her convictions lead her down that path.  This wife and mother of an adorable little girl is a health care professional and freelance writer.  
Andrea’s work has been featured in Black and Married with Kids, Clutch Magazine, and, most recently, in the new book, The Mother of All Meltdowns.  Girlfriend has it going on, people!  And I’m blessed by association.
Well, Ms. Andrea didn’t throw me some wimpy questions for this week’s Ask Away Friday meme.  She played hardball with me, y’all!  Her 10 questions made me dig deep, so enjoy the ride and then hop over to BeQuoted to see her responses to my 10 questions.

1.  The name of your blog, “Embrace the Struggle,” is more than just the name of a blog; it’s a call to action.  What conscious decisions do you make and things do you do to truly embrace your struggles?

I follow my tagline:  “Pray.  Wage War. Pray Again!    😛

But seriously, I choose to recognize that I am not in control of everything.  Heck, I’m not in control of anything!  God is.  I choose to not stress over the potholes of life.  To let go of what’s not working for me.  To try new stuff, even if I’m quaking in my  flip-flops as I do it.  To not have to know all the answers.

2.  If you could do anything and know that you would not fail, what would you do?

I’d give up my current job right now and begin certification to become a health coach.

3.  How would those closest to you describe your personality?

I think this question stumped me the most, so I went to an expert:  my mom.  She said I was an introvert (like my dad), extremely loyal to friends, generous, caring, and serious at times.  I concur!

4.  If during an interview a celebrity announced that he/she reads your blog, which celebrity(ies) would you want it to be?  

Here’s my dream team of celebrity subscribers to Embrace the Struggle:  Phylicia Rashad. Jane Fonda.  Alfre Woodard. Viola Davis.  Tyler Perry.  Anita Baker. Lecrae.  Lolo Jones.  Carrie Underwood.  Chrisette Michele. 

5.  Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, Wendy Williams, or Barbara Walters – who would you prefer to be interviewed by?

Oprah, hands down.  We could have a Soul Series interview and have “Aha” moment after “Aha” moment.

6.  I remember reading that you are “aiming to flesh out” your emergency fund.  What financial tips/advice have you learned?

Today, I learned that it’s okay to be fairly flexible about the amount in the emergency fund, but to have a base line of three months worth of expenses covered.  Dave Ramsey recommends a $1000 emergency fund as a baby step before moving up to covering three to six months of expenses.  Suze Orman has said that you should have up to eight or nine months of expenses covered.  I’m gonna creep before I walk!

7.  If you had to have a themed birthday party, what theme would it be?

I’d like a retro theme, like all 1980s outfits and hairdos and makeup.  I love the ’80s!

8.  Which of your “bloggy friends” do you think you’d most likely be “friends” with if given the opportunity to meet?

Oh Lord, you’re gonna separate me from my peeps!  I can’t go naming names and leaving others out!  But *whispers* it probably would be Ms. Hope.

9.  When was the last time you laughed one of those non-stop, tears- flowing-down-your-face laughs, and what made it so funny?

Last week Monday I read this spoof titled “If Congress got stuff done like roommates.” Warning: the language gets salty at times, but this is hella funny!  I love the ingenuity of crafting an email thread involving all the main characters in the government shutdown, but couched in the language of college kids.

10.  What are your favorite “throwback” television shows?  

All of my favorites are on my Pinterest board, but my top five would be Wiseguy, Golden Girls, Martin, Quantum Leap, and Designing Women.


  1. Love these responses. Aww, your mama did you proud, how sweet.
    I would love Anderson Cooper or Wendy Williams. I was at a Wendy Williams show, she is so cute!
    Happy Friday!
    WendyMay recently posted..#AskAwayFriday, #11!My Profile

  2. Happy Friday too, Wendy May! And yes, my mom did me proud! LOL
    Alison recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Andrea @BeQuotedMy Profile

  3. I would totally want Carrie Underwood to read my blog! That would make my life complete!

    Golden Girls and Designing Women are 2 of my favorite throwback shows. I also loved watching Facts Of Life.

    Thanks for joining in on Ask Away Friday. I enjoyed reading your post!

  4. You got that right! I was reading like, it better say Joi, lol! I’ll take honorable mention, especially to Hope. She just sucks you right in.

    We are so much alike, you Mother’s description reminds me of what ppl say about me. Andrea is so smart with these creative questions!!!

  5. Dear Allison
    How I enjoyed this interview and getting to know you through blogging, you seems like the kind of person that I would love to meet face-to-face. I am impressed with your zest for life. Thank you for all your visits to my place. I really appreciate your generous heart.
    Blessings XX
    Mia recently posted..Heaven’s LaundererMy Profile

    • Mia, the feeling is mutual. Your writing reveals a kindred spirit who feels things deeply and expresses them with great creativity in writing. It is always a joy to land on your blog page, Mia. Your words bless, heal, and replenish the soul!

  6. I love your answers…especially the one about me… I smiling ear to ear. Thanks love. I feel the same way 🙂
    Oprah can interview me any day. She has the Midas touch. She can read my blog too.

    I think you’ll make a great health coach. You can start even with you current job. do it… do it.. lol
    I enjoyed reading this. I’m gonna check out the spoof then on to Andrea’s blog. Have a great weekend
    Hope recently posted..Can a 6 year old read too much?My Profile

    • Glad to bring a smile to your face, Hope!

      I really want to go for the health coaching. I’ve already looked into a program. I’d like to start it next year, once I gather a few pennies together to pay for it. I call myself the health evangelist, so it’s a natural extension of my innate interest in living well.

      You have a great weekend, too!
      Alison recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Andrea @BeQuotedMy Profile

  7. I love when you do these type of posts as it is so much fun getting to know you. Awesome!! Makes me even more excited to come meet you in DC. I may need to steal a few of these questions for my new Friday Randomness series I kicked off today. We will see. {Hugs}
    Beth recently posted..Friday RandomnessMy Profile

  8. I adore this team-up! Big fans of you both. And I hope your entire dream time of celebrities reads your blog while you’re sipping coffee in real life with the lovely Hope.
    Tamara recently posted..A Particularly Juicy Ask Away Friday: With Lanaya.My Profile

  9. I definitely peg you as a very loyal and generous friend. Can I get an invite to your retro party!? Thanks for inviting me to be apart of the festivities!
    Andrea recently posted..Mini Interrogation – Ask Away FridayMy Profile

  10. Love the questions and your responses. I’ll have to check out #9. Goodness and I’m going to have to creep on #6 also. I wish we had a cushion. #10 I would love to have all of the Martin episodes on DVD. I never saw some if the episodes like the ones without Gina. Now that was something that made me laugh with tears streaming down my face.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..Fake it ’til you make it…My Profile

  11. #1 I need to follow your lead and choose not to stress. #4 That is a dream team – what great choicees! #7 Can I come to the party? I heart the 80s. #10 Quantum Leap and Golden Girls – I miss those shows. Loved finding out more about you, Alison!
    Dana recently posted..Many best partsMy Profile

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Dana. I loved Quantum Leap, especially the opening shots with the birds flying overhead in formation, and the theme song. I can still hear it playing in my head! Three of my friends and I call each other the Golden Girls. I’m Dorothy, due to my snarky comments and deadpan expressions!
      Alison recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Andrea @BeQuotedMy Profile

  12. Loved this Alison! You and I have much in common. (Chrisette Michele, Dave Ramsey, Oprah)
    And a health coach? I didn’t know that! Now, I feel as though I know you a little bit better.

  13. thanks for visiting my page! Love your answers! Can I sit at that table? Phylicia Rashad reminds me of being a little girl (don’t ask me why, I guess all my years of the cosby show) and I love tyler perry films. the man is a genius! an 80s theme party and golden girls….I may have to stop by here more often :p
    lauren recently posted..Rag Wreaths, What I’ve been up toMy Profile

    • Hey, come on back and stay a while, Lauren! Glad to have you visit here. Phylicia has such a stateliness to her, a depth and dignity that I truly admire. She’s a shero of mine!

  14. Amen to being interviewed by Oprah, I just love all of her aha moments. I just love her in general. Ms. Andrea brought the fire with these questions and I love it. I would love meet miss hope in person too. So much fun learning about you!

  15. As always Alison I always enjoy reading your answers. You are such an inspiration and your honesty comes through straight across the screen. I agree with Andrea that your site is a call To Action and I love how you don’t stress over the ‘potholes’ of life. That is such an awesome way to look at things.
    Tiffany recently posted..A ‘Step’ Away From Stepfather ~ 8:28 Blessings Share Social {8}My Profile

  16. Thanks, Tiffany! Here’s another week in which we can embrace our struggles and take the action that God places on our heart. You have a great week, my dear.
    Alison recently posted..At the tableMy Profile

  17. Hey Alison! She did ask you some great questions and I loved your answesr! And I ain’t even mad at ya for picking Hope, lol! Hope is good people though…I’m sure I’d be good friends with her too! 😉 You love the 80’s…ME TOO GIRL!! Best.decade.ever! I chuckled at your Oprah’s ‘aha’ moments…IKR!! I loved Anthony and Suzanne’s characters on “”Designing Women”…too funny! I’ll definitely have to check out #9…laughing is my second hobby you know! Have a good one darlin’!
    Michell recently posted..How ugly can you get…my story!My Profile

  18. Aren’t the 80’s great? My happy place is when I hear fun music from the 80’s. Lurv it! And Designing Women is peerless. I was so sad when Dixie Carter died a few year ago.

    Alison recently posted..At the tableMy Profile

  19. I love BeQuoted. So glad Andrea got to interview you!

  20. It was the ideal match-up, Catherine. Loved her questions, and she did complete justice to the ones I asked.
    Alison recently posted..At the tableMy Profile

  21. Great interview. Your interview and responses made me wonder what I would answer as well 🙂

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