Ask Away Friday with Miss Dre @ So She Writes

Today is my birthday, guys! I turn 25 yet again.   😛  

I reneged on the idea of a blog vacation in order to swap questions with Miss Dre at So She Writes for this week’s Ask Away Friday meme.   I met Dre through our mutual blogging friend Michelle at Radiant Brown Beauty,  We hit it off right away and have supported each other on all the major social media platforms, as well as on our blogs.  

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Dre’s blog tag line is:  “Mother. Wife. Diva. Female Hustler. On a journey through life with her pen, notebook, and laptop in tow. Wondering, as she wanders.”  And So She Writes… about fashion, beauty, music, and life as a wife and mom to three adorable kids.  Go check Dre out!

Dre crafted some killer questions for me, guys.  Here we go!

Let’s say I waved a magic wand and all of your birthday wishes came true. What would your life look like?

I’d be living somewhere warm, married, living in a condo near the beach.  I’d be freelancing as an editor, transcriber, proofreader, translator, professional organizer, and health coach.  I’d be in peak health.  Wave that wand, girl!

Tell me about your most memorable birthday.

My most memorable birthday was two years ago.  My folks threw me a party, and friends and family were on hand to celebrate.  Lots of laughter and good Caribbean food!

What’s the worst birthday gift you’ve ever received?

Last year, someone gave me a scarf made of scraps of stringy wool and other fabrics.  It was supposed to be artistic.  I took no pictures of it.  I did not regift it.  I did not add it to my Goodwill pile.  I would not give it to an enemy.

If you could reconnect with anyone from your past with whom you’ve lost contact, who would it be, and why?

I’d most like to reconnect with one of my dorm mates from college, Lynnette Smith-Liburd.  She was a beautiful girl, very wise and sweet, and a good friend, and I’d love to know how life has treated her and her family.

What beauty products can always be found in your bag?

 You will always find me with Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Soothing Lip Balm, a small tub of Shea Radiance’s Ultra Rich Shea Butter Cream, M.A.C. Lipglass in Mad Cap, and Mary Kay’s Beauty Blotters Oil Absorbing Tissues.

Tell me something about you that you’ve never talked about on your blog.

I talk about almost anything on the blog, but I don’t really talk about major accomplishments or intense failures.  Somehow, the former seems like boasting to me and the latter cuts too close to the heart to put it out there… yet.

If a biopic was made about you, who would you choose to play you?

 Kimberly Elise.

What’s one goal you hope to attain in 2014?

I hope to put in place the necessary steps for me to turn my dreams (side hustles) into real money makers once I quit my job in X years.

Your blog is very inspirational to me. I always come “hungry” and leave “full” from your  encouragement and inspiration. It’s titled: “Embrace the Struggle” with the tagline “Pray. Wage war. Pray again!” How did you come up with this? What inspired you to blog about embracing the struggle?

I pray for others, and I recognize that spiritual warfare is real and that God empowers us to take on the daily battles of life.  When my dad and a close friend died, I went through depression and doubting my faith.  I came through it, praise God, recognizing that it made no sense to fight the struggles that I was facing.  I had to embrace them.

Meanwhile, El Debarge came out with a song called “Joyful,” and in the chorus were these words:  “I’ve learned to embrace the struggle, whether I lose or I win.”  It reminded me of Philippians 4: 11-13, one of my favorite verses.  Hence the blog name! God gives us the strength to embrace every struggle prayerfully, joyfully, and fiercely!

We keep saying we would have so much fun if we were to vacation together. If we did, where would you suggest we go and why?

Let’s head for Vegas, baby!  Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so we can get into all sorts of mischief!

Okay guys! go check out Dre’s responses to my answers. I’m off to enjoy my special day!


  1. Enjoy that special day!! Happy 25th! And I did the same thing with my blog vacation. Ask Away Friday was too magnetic of a pull. I love it and I did it.
    And the scarf story is cracking me up! You wouldn’t give it to anyone…
    May all your wishes come true, today and always!
    Tamara recently posted..Do I Want a Third Baby?My Profile

    • Yes indeed., that scarf was a keeper… said no one ever! LOL At least I can laugh now, Tamara. I was in SMDH mode for most of the time after I got it.

      I so love Ask Away Friday, and I hadn’t done it since October, so I figured this would be a good time to give it another go. I had a ball with Andrea.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. They are received with great love!
      Alison recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Miss Dre @ So She WritesMy Profile

  2. Happy 25th Birthday, Ali! I so totally enjoyed partnering with you this week! I’m ready to head out to Vegas now! Lol. And after hearing you and Carissa talk about Mad Cap, I believe I need to add that to my collection.

    I know you will get to your dream life soon, Ali. I’m gonna keep waving my wand for you, hun. I wish you much love, many blessings, and a beautiful birthday! God bless 😉
    Drea recently posted..#AskAwayFriday With Alison of Embrace the StruggleMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Drea! This is such a fun question swap. I’m enjoying the birthday but I’m ready to try out Vegas. I was to go last March but ended up not going. And Mad Cap is a staple product for me! Once I forgot it here in St. Kitts and I literally was mourning. When I got back here, my mom had found it and was holding on to it for me. I did a jig of joy! You know I’m silly! LOL
      Alison recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Miss Dre @ So She WritesMy Profile

  3. Haaaappy Birthdaaay!!! You are too funny. I lol’d at the scarf gift. These are really good questions and even better answers. Enjoy your day!
    Hope recently posted..Merry Christmas from our family to yours…My Profile

  4. Happy Birthday to you I am still 21 I don’t know when I will be 25 lol. I enjoyed getting to know your guest today. I would like to reconnect with my old roomate also I had her as a friend one time on my FB page but I think she deactivated her page because she disappeared.
    Kita recently posted..New Year, New ThingsMy Profile

  5. First off Happy Happy Birthday to an amazingly wonderful woman! I hope you had the best day ever because you definitely deserve that and so much more! The seeds you sow in others lives are full of love, care and nurture.
    Now, great questions from Drea! I read that someone else wants to go to Vegas. I have never been! I am definitely adding this to my list of Places To Go! Perhaps for our 10th Anniversary OR my 40th? LOL 🙂
    Tiffany recently posted..Do You Know What Today Is? Explore Boxing Day Traditions With Little Passports…!My Profile

  6. You think about Lynette too, I think about her so often that I have had many dreams of running into her. In the last dream which was about a week ago, I met her on St. John. I spoke with her brother when I was in the V.I. this year , he said she was doing well but was not willing to give contact info. I would love to see her again and for us to spend time together. We had some awesome times.
    I would love to go to Vagas with you, Daniella, Arlene, Lunette, Valrica, the original Rebels Crew, we sure did have fun. Oh! Remember the fire drill days when the Rebel girls would say up, get all dressed and wait for the fire drill bell to go off then step out of our dorms looking fab while the other girls looked, I guess as they should … like they just woke up. Remember getting the boat for our cultural series play. Those were the days.
    I thank God for the many years we have known each other, you do realize that we have know each other for over thirty years. I am amazed as how far God has brought us, who would have known. Do you think Lynnette Freeman was praying for us through our foolishness, I think she was.

    I love you mucho plenty Sista, Happy Birthday!!

    • LOL re: those Rebels memories. Carrie O’Neil-Morton is here and we met up at Dale’s sister’s home two nights ago. We talked about a Rebels reunion. Sure would be fun. Yes, Freeman certainly prayed and persevered with us. I marvel at God’s patience with our rebellious hearts. Grace, grace, and more grace!


      Alison recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Miss Dre @ So She WritesMy Profile

  7. Happy Birthday, my friend! It was so much fun reading this.

  8. Hi dear,

    I like your pretty blog, I’ll be back more often =)
    Do you want to follow each other on GFC and maybe social media?
    Let me know so I can follow you back.
    Kisses, Ana

  9. Happy Birthday! Loved reading about how you came up with your blog name. For bloggers, naming our blog is almost as big of a deal as naming our children! So I love hearing about the inspiration people have! Great answers! 🙂
    Beth at Structure in an Unstructured Life recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Stacey!My Profile

  10. Belated happy birthday Alison! Great to know you from AAF! 🙂 You have a great outlook in life and even have things you’d really wanna do should the “magic wand” be waved! Ahaha. Love that you look into struggles positively!

  11. Happy Birthday, Alison! I hope you enjoy this one and many many more! When I was reading your description of the gift you received I thought, “itchy.” Not sure if it was, but if it was…that can’t be good. 🙂 I always enjoy reading your words as well. So encouraging and inspiring for sure. 🙂
    Brittnei recently posted..Letters to My First Born: 19 MonthsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Brittnei! I had a really good birthday. Today would have been my Dad’s 81st birthday. I’m off to enjoy some time with family and friends, one of who. Is celebrating her birthday today too.

      Girl, the scarf was a hot mess. I wasn’t even trying to work out if it was itchy; it was such a sight that I didn’t even try to put it on. Didn’t know where to start!

      Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season, my dear!

  12. I enjoyed learning more about you, but the one thing that sticks out to me is your answer about embracing the struggle. That message has spoken to me.

    It’s so funny that you received a “bad” scarf for your birthday and you still have it, LOL! Sometimes we receive things and we literally don’t know what to do with them. I have gifts that I didn’t like and for whatever reason I can’t bring myself to take them to Goodwill or regift them either.
    Tia recently posted..Ask Away Friday w/ Carissa from Green Eyed Lady BlogMy Profile

  13. happy belated birthday alison. i’ll never forget it since you share the same date as my mother.

    you deserve your condo on the beach! i can’t wait to see that happen for all the good that you do in this world and for all your prayers.
    catherine gacad recently posted..Pregnancy Question #1: Epidural vs Drug-FreeMy Profile

    • Yay for your mom! So cool that we share the same birthday. I’m eager to see my magic wand list come to life too. Hope you had a great Christmas, Catherine!

  14. Oh my to that scarf! Love your response to what you’ve never written about on your blog – I’m kinda like that. I keep it real but I don’t shift to either of those extremes. Cheers to 2014 and turning those dreams and side hustles into money makers!
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..A Christmas Eve Story…My Profile

  15. I’m so late….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating. I love me some Vegas, I’ll join the two you 🙂
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..12 Months of Blogging ~ Happy BlogoversaryMy Profile

  16. Happy belated *25th* birthday. 😉 I hope it was a wonderful day and I truly hope 2014 is your best year yet!!! 🙂
    Susannah recently posted..Work My Closet: Tribal Print DressMy Profile

    • LOL re: the 25th birthday! I wish! I did have a great day, and am believing that this will be a great year, Susannah. I wish the very same for you in 2014.

  17. Gracielle says:

    It was so nice meeting you and getting to know you via Ask Away Friday! Happy Belated Birthday! I’m kinda with you on not posting major accomplishments or epic failures on my blog. Especially when it comes to work – I try to keep my career stuff outside of my personal blog!
    Gracielle recently posted..Holidays 2013 Part 2: Inay’s Life Celebrated and a Twinning New Years EveMy Profile

    • Agree fully re: keeping career stuff separate from blog life, Gracielle. For me, it’s vitally important. The blog is an escape from all things work related.

  18. I’ve been gone waaaay too long my friend!! Shucks, so hate that I missed your birthday lady! HAPPY “belated” BIRTHDAY my friend!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a blessed New Year!! Oh and too funny about the worse gift! I can only imagine your reaction Alison, because I’ve always pictured you as this sweet, no worries lady. I bet on that day though, you did the side-eye and said to yourself, WTW!!?? 🙂
    Michell recently posted..1989…25 years later!My Profile

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! May God bless you this year & always!

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