For Ayana


You can’t read this blog post right now, Ayana, nor can any of your 200+ schoolmates, but I write it for you.  For Ayana, “Beautiful Flower.” I was supposed to be on a blogging break, but the searing reality of your abduction and the fact that you remain missing, three weeks later, will not let me … Read More

Blessed hope


“The Easter lily is a biblical flower commonly associated with the resurrection of Christ. In Christian tradition, the Easter lily signifies rebirth and a new beginning. It is said that beautiful white lilies sprang up in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus wept in the last hours before he was betrayed by Judas. Another legend … Read More

A season of optimism

photo 4

Spring is my favorite season, and cherry blossom time is just divine to me.  It’s almost like God is showing off via nature, bombarding us with a fiesta of blooms that provoke happiness, warmth, smiles, and an appreciation of creation’s magnificence. Optimism springs forth at this time of year for me. “I love better to … Read More

Enter the Photobomber


Back in November at The High Calling’s retreat at Laity Lodge, I had the distinct honor of becoming one of the unsuspecting victims of a prankster.  Jennifer Lee (go check out her book, Love Idol!) set aside her megatalents as a writer, blogger, and general do-gooder in order to execute some hijinks behind our backs. Enter … Read More

No “shade” from the Son

shade from the sun

One of the advantages of observing Lent is the opportunity to strip away what might be hindering our Christian walk and to focus on what really matters:  our relationship with Jesus and the immense sacrifice He made to reconcile us to the Father. Although I love the comforting words of Romans 8, the beauty of Romans … Read More

Do the roar (Not)!


Ever had someone try to get you to act like you used to back in the day?   Nobody can MAKE you act any particular way, but you know what I mean:  your interaction with them led to you respond in a way that you thought you had put behind you.  It made you do … Read More

Getting my gratitude on

Me and the cherry blossoms

It’s been real the last few days, work-wise and health-wise.  I feel like I’m coming off of the rough side of the mountain, so I’m getting my gratitude on!  Thank you, Lord, for bringing me through!   I’ll be linking up with Lizzi at Considering for her weekly Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.  I … Read More

Hard work

clock cleaning

Coming off a grueling week of work, I’ve been dwelling on the amount of time and effort that goes into our jobs.  It’s hard work for most of us, whether our professions demand mental or physical energy–or both. What’s the true value of our work in God’s eyes?  How can we honor Him with our … Read More


in the waiting

“All eyes have turned toward You, waiting in expectation; when they are hungry, You feed them right on time.”  Psalm 145:15 Often life feels like we are looking through the window pane . . . waiting, waiting.  It may seem interminable, futile, sometimes punishing.  But it’s in the waiting that we learn what we’re truly made of, and … Read More

Okay, now what?

Preapproved 1

“Be careful what you ask for,” they say.  They’re right! I participated in a SITS (the Secret is In The Sauce) “Comment Love” challenge for bloggers a few weeks ago.  We had five days to comment on 75 blogs and potentially receive 75 comments.  Yeah.   😯 A week later, Embrace the Struggle had its … Read More