Best in Show

I love to observe human nature and smile (when I don’t just burst out laughing) at some of the lunacy that passes itself off as normal behavior.

Cue Best in Show.  

Best in Show is the title given to the dog that wins the Westminster Kennel Club trophy for being the overall perfect dog among the thousands that participate in this canine beauty pageant.  Best in Show is also the name of a hilarious movie that spoofs the world of dog shows.

Uno, the 2008 Best in Show Trophy Winner

But Best in Show is the name I give to those individuals who have swallowed their own hype, to their own detriment, and believe that they are truly a cut above the rest of humanity.

You’d think that most humans of the Best in Show mold would be male.  And my guess is that they are.  Testosterone overload…

But most of my involvements have been with the female of the species.  They stir up in me, on the one hand, utter bewilderment at their lack of self-awareness, and on the other hand, a simmering annoyance at how tiresome it is to interact with them.

Best in Show is someone who, in her estimation, has mastered every aspect and nuance of living:  

  • Need a cook?  No restaurant can surpass her culinary skills.
  • Looking for a singer?  American Idol, move over.  
  • She’s the creme de la creme of all employees, a walking sports encyclopedia, the resident fashionista who drives the to-die-for car and dwells in the perfectly decorated home.

You and I both know that this level of “extreme awesomeness” wears down everyone’s last quarter inch of a nerve.  Daily.  But how do you deal with someone who’s a legend in her own mind?

Thing is, our society encourages, applauds, and rewards the Best in Show mentality.  Case in point: reality TV.  High-octane arrogance, runaway ambition, and strong delusion pay huge dividends.  Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, we’re looking at you!

There’s a bit of Best in Show in each of us, I think.  Most people know how to keep that beast relatively well caged so that it doesn’t devour others wholesale.  If not for God’s grace, it would run rampant and cause more destruction than it already does.

But in the long run, Best in Show doesn’t win the race of life.  Her crown is temporary, tilting to one side and needing propping up constantly.  She forfeits some very enriching qualities and relationships in order to nurture those that she considers important.  

The world’s system honors those who know how to toot their own horn, get ahead, and even demolish others on the way to the top.  God’s Word to us, however, encourages the opposite:

“Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.” (Philippians 2:3)

How do you deal with the “Best in Show” types in your life?


  1. I’ve learned to just let these people be whoever they think that they are. I try to give them their space to shine in their own greatness. In my mind, while they are tooting their own horns, I am secretly wishing that they would shut up. I don’t voice my thoughts. I just smile and keep it moving. If, for some reason, I’m not in the best of moods, I change the subject and quickly end the conversation.

    Sometimes, people that always toot their own horns don’t feel as good about themselves as they lead others to believe. Bottom line, they need prayer!

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