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It’s meme time once again!  My girl Michelle at Radiant Brown Beauty hit me up last week with a Blogger Appreciation Award.  *bows, blushes*  Bless you, Michelle, for always remembering me and giving Embrace the Struggle some blog shine!  Y’all go check out Michelle’s blog!

The purpose of the award is to recognize your interactions with other bloggers and to show gratitude for your support.  So… I’m nominating a few of my bloggy buddies for the award.  Step on up, guys, and check each other out!

Here are the rules of the Award:

  1. Thank the person who awarded you by placing their blog link in your post.
  2. Answer the following four questions.
  3. Forward the award to as many bloggers as you wish.
  4. Let them know, via e-mail, tweet, or comment, that they’ve been awarded.

Here are your questions:

  1. How long have you been blogging?  Just 10 months.  My blogaversary is June 29.  Can’t wait!  I think I’ll have a giveaway to mark the special event.
  2. What are one or two main reasons why you started blogging?  I started blogging as a way to process my dad’s death, but also to get back in touch with my creative side.  I had no idea that blogging would open up a whole new world and introduce me to so many wonderful people!
  3. What types of blogs do you read?  I love blogs about writing and blogging, both the creative and functional aspects.  I enjoy spiritual/inspirational blogs that make me think outside the box, and blogs on health and food, interior design, music, niche-less blogs, and … you get the picture!
  4. What are two things you would like to improve on as a blogger?  I’d like to write shorter blog posts and to not agonize over each one.  I’d also like to draw more consistent comments and increase my readership.


  1. I like this Alison. Never saw it. I’d only been blogging for 3 months when this was written.
    Hope recently posted..Old School Blogging- Alphabet SoupMy Profile

  2. Wow! How time flies, Hope. My second year blogaversary is this Saturday.
    Alison recently posted..Alphabet Soup (aka “The A to Z of Me”)My Profile

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