Cat lessons

Those of you who know me well know that I am a cat lover.  Not in a crazy-lady-with-50-kitties-in-a-stinky-house way; I’m into serial monogamy when it comes to cats.

But I grew up in a home in which I was the only animal lover.  And when a cat, in particular, would wander away or die, I entered into an extended time of weeping, wailing, gnashing teeth, and unwillingness to go to school.  Needless to say that it did not sit well with the rest of my family.

The captivating Ms. Casbah

Well, fast forward a few decades and here I am, with a feline companion who teaches by example.  As in:

  • Naps are a priority.  A girl cannot look her best when she’s sleep deprived.  Catching those zzzzs in a sunny place is sweet; hunkering down under a warm comforter is even sweeter.
  • Make your needs known.  Persistence is key.  Ask (for more food).  Seek (the play time you crave).  Knock (over items so that you will be noticed).
  • Good grooming gets you lots of shine.  Life is a red carpet, so keep yourself in tip-top condition. Be ready for your photo op!  The compliments will pour in.  
  • Be inquisitive.  There’s so much out there to be learned.  Get to the window early to get first dibs on what’s new in the neighborhood.  Check out that freshly baked chicken resting atop the stove.  Hide in new and unconventional places.  What’s in that cupboard anyway?
  • Take joy in simple things.   Aluminium foil scrunched up into balls, string with furry thingies attached, milk and juice carton plastic seals…  Playthings don’t need to be fancy.  Keep it simple, sweetheart! 
  • Enjoy a healthy independence.   Maintain that mystique that sets you apart, but remain loyal and available to those that matter.
  • Demand the best.   Whether it’s litter, food, toys, or comforts, stick to your high standards and refuse the inferior stuff.
  • Don’t let any and everybody in your BFF zone.  Choose your close friends wisely.  Keep others at paw’s length.
What have you learned from your feline friends over the years?

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