Ask Away Friday with Miss Dre @ So She Writes

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Today is my birthday, guys! I turn 25 yet again. ¬† ūüėõ ¬† I reneged on the idea of a blog vacation in order to swap questions with Miss Dre at So She Writes for this week’s Ask Away Friday meme. ¬†¬†I met Dre through our mutual blogging friend Michelle at Radiant Brown Beauty, ¬†We … Read More

Proud to be a Pinja!


I’m proud to be a Pinja! ¬†A what, you ask? There you have it! ¬†I’m a card-carrying Pinja, so I gladly join Ms. Kimberly today with a Pinterest post¬†as she comes to the end of her September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge. For the uninitiated,¬†Pinterest¬†is a pinboard-style website that allows users to save images and … Read More

The ones that got away…


I’m joining Ms. Kimberly as she continues her month-long¬†September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge. ¬†Check out her blog button at the end of this post and go show her some love, guys! ¬†She’s good people! Today’s prompt is “Resurgence,” as in, resurrecting old posts. ¬†Hence, a tribute to “the ones that got away,” the posts … Read More

I made a video!

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Hey, not THAT kind of video! ¬†Elevate your minds! ¬†LOL! I’m joining the blog-tacular Ms. Joi over at Rx Fitness Lady as she kicks off her second Mini Blog Challenge Party this week. ¬†Check out her button at the bottom of my sidebar. Participants can post every day on a variety of topics, and today’s … Read More

Delighted to meet you!

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I’m woefully behind on participating in Ms. Kimberly’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge. ¬†Shameless plug (and payment of penance): ¬†click on her button at the bottom of my sidebar and see all the topics in the blog challenge! ¬† Now, Kimberly started the challenge on September 2. ¬†Here I am, more than a week … Read More

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


My fellow blogger That Darn Kat bestowed the Very Inspiring Blogger Award upon me, to my great surprise! ¬†So, abiding by the rules of the award, I’m honoring seven of my blogging peers and sharing seven facts about myself. ¬†Here goes! Rules: Display the award logo on your blog. (See above) State seven facts about … Read More


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I’m always amazed at how God will let events converge so that I can be unchained from the not-so-necessary and so be able to receive from Him what is truly necessary. ¬†His patience with and grace toward me are priceless! I’m a Type A (mostly), so whether it’s relationships, work, play, health, or social media, … Read More

Celebrating the season (and birthday) with a giveaway!


Here’s hoping that you had an amazing Christmas Day with family and friends, with more focus on Jesus than on what was under the Christmas tree! ¬† ūüėČ ¬†Once again, I had a great Christmas in the tropics, with the requisite cool breezes and tranquil scenery. ¬†*clinks imaginary wine glass to the computer screen* ¬†To … Read More

Five Christian blogs that inform, inspire, and instigate

Beyond getting to write regularly, which I love doing, one of the major perks of blogging is learning from and about awesome people who share that love of writing–gifted communicators who let us peek into the¬†beauty and boldness of¬†their beliefs and lives. ¬† ¬† Today I’m happy to introduce you to five of my favorite … Read More

25 lessons learned while blogging

I’m super happy to announce that this, dear reader friends, is my 25th blog post! ¬†Never thought I’d make it this far! ¬†*Hands in the air in praise* ¬†Thank you, Lord! Thanks to each and every one of you for your support through comments, follows, and subscriptions. ¬†And you lurkers, subscribe to the thing and … Read More