For Ayana


You can’t read this blog post right now, Ayana, nor can any of your 200+ schoolmates, but I write it for you.  For Ayana, “Beautiful Flower.” I was supposed to be on a blogging break, but the searing reality of your abduction and the fact that you remain missing, three weeks later, will not let me … Read More

I’m tired…

A very close friend of mine died last week of cancer. I am currently in a weird zone in which I struggle to accept that she is gone.  More than the mourning is a palpable weight of tiredness that probably is my body’s way of expressing grief.   I remember writing a poem about this … Read More

Love, A. Marcia

Dear Dad, Yesterday marked two years since you left us.  It feels like two seconds ago. Nothing prepared me for losing you.  Not even the deaths of Nanny and Granny Hector.  They left a huge void, yes, but I guess because I was younger and they were older (and had been ill for a while), … Read More

I’ll See You Again!

Just got back today from a mini-July 4 vacay with my BFF Denise.  We had a blast at the beach in South Carolina and took in the fireworks under a star-lit sky.  God is beyond good! As a non-American, I don’t necessarily share the same level of fervor about July 4 as natives do, but I … Read More