Getting my gratitude on

Me and the cherry blossoms

It’s been real the last few days, work-wise and health-wise.  I feel like I’m coming off of the rough side of the mountain, so I’m getting my gratitude on!  Thank you, Lord, for bringing me through!   I’ll be linking up with Lizzi at Considering for her weekly Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.  I … Read More

Ask Away Friday with Lisi P at Lisi’s Place

PicMonkey Collage

I’m at it again!  Every few weeks I dive into the pool of self-disclosure and pure entertainment that is Ask Away Friday.  This link-up party was started less than a year ago by Penny Chevalley at The Real Housewife of Caroline County, and it has really taken off.  Ask Away Friday is a question-and-answer swap … Read More

Ask Away Friday with Miss Dre @ So She Writes

AAF Badge

Today is my birthday, guys! I turn 25 yet again.   😛   I reneged on the idea of a blog vacation in order to swap questions with Miss Dre at So She Writes for this week’s Ask Away Friday meme.   I met Dre through our mutual blogging friend Michelle at Radiant Brown Beauty,  We … Read More

Ask Away Friday with Andrea @BeQuoted

aaf new

One of the many perks of blogging is interacting with bloggers with whom you click with ease.  That’s been the case with Andrea Moore of BeQuoted, a lifestyle blog that encourages us to: “Say something worth being repeated…or say nothing at all.”   Love it!     Andrea is bright, beautiful, and articulate, with a razor-sharp wit … Read More

Ask Away Friday with Mrs. Tee: Love, Life, and Laughter


I promised myself a relatively quiet blogging week after participating in two blog challenges in September, but when Tiffany of MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter asked me to participate in “Ask Away Friday,” I took her up on it. Tiffany and I recently became blogging friends;  she kindly bestowed the Liebster Award upon me just one month ago.  Yay … Read More

I’m a Liebster Award winner!


Hey guys!  After a tough week during which Embrace the Struggle was out of commission (yikes!) for a day, I’m back in the saddle.  Trust me, that “adventure” is a whole ‘nother blog post for whole ‘nother day. 😉 But today… I’m happy to be on the receiving end of the Liebster Award, bestowed upon … Read More

Old School Blogging – Five Fabulous Fives!


Can I share with you how much I love Old School Blogging? I think it’s because it gives us all a chance to learn about each other in a simple, fun-filled way. So when I saw that my girl Joi at Rx Fitness Lady tagged me in her “High Fives” blog post on Wednesday, I … Read More

Alphabet Soup (aka “The A to Z of Me”)


Guys, tomorrow is the start of summer!   I’m so ready for some warmer weather (without the freak storms and floodings, thank you!), so I’m focused on enjoying the next few months and hope to take some time off from work. My friend Hope at Defining Hope tagged me in the “Alphabet Soup” meme that’s circulating … Read More

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


My fellow blogger That Darn Kat bestowed the Very Inspiring Blogger Award upon me, to my great surprise!  So, abiding by the rules of the award, I’m honoring seven of my blogging peers and sharing seven facts about myself.  Here goes! Rules: Display the award logo on your blog. (See above) State seven facts about … Read More

Christmas Tag: You’re it!


Happy Christmas!  Join in this meme that I received from my blogging buddies Michelle at Radiant Brown Beauty and Andrea at So She Writes.   What’s your favorite Christmas song? “O Come Emmanuel.”  I love the pathos and the lyrics and the swell of the music and voices at the chorus.  Rejoice!   What’s your … Read More