Blog Appreciation Award

It’s meme time once again!  My girl Michelle at Radiant Brown Beauty hit me up last week with a Blogger Appreciation Award.  *bows, blushes*  Bless you, Michelle, for always remembering me and giving Embrace the Struggle some blog shine!  Y’all go check out Michelle’s blog! The purpose of the award is to recognize your interactions … Read More

The Un-Bucket List

Ever since the movie The Bucket List came out in 2007, there’s been much talk about the premise behind the movie:  taking decisive action to achieve the dreams you want to fulfill before you die. What if we flipped the script?  What about those activities that wild horses couldn’t drag you to do even if you were … Read More

Eleven things about me

My friend Michelle from Radiant Brown Beauty tagged me in one of her recent posts, so I’m sharing 11 things about myself and answering her 11 questions to me.  Next, I’ll ask 11 new questions of my blogging buddies, in hopes that they (and all of you!) will join the fun! Here goes: 11 Things About Me:   … Read More

Five products I’d endorse for free

Some items are so beautiful/useful/handy/inventive that you just can’t get enough of them. Here are my top five; the list is subject to change because I’m always on the lookout for new  stuff.  And no, I am not affiliated with any of these products. Butler Bag by Jen Groover   Dubbed the world’s #1 compartmentalized … Read More

Blog on Fire!

*Drum roll* …I just received my first blog award!  I’m getting my acceptance speech together, people!  (In my best Sally Field voice:  “You like me!  You really like me!”)Big ups to my girl Michelle at Brown Beauty Blog for Skin and Hair Tips for nominating me!  Please go check out her blog, especially if you’re as skin- … Read More