I’m not here for the fear!

getaway 2

My getaway bag was packed.  After 9/11, I got caught up in the hype about being prepared in case another terrorist act occurred.  Living near the capital of the free world–a most likely spot for terrorists to attack, again–I took the dire warnings to heart.   So I got the recommended duffle bag ready:   … Read More

First love


You loved us from the get-go You shaped us lovingly from nothing Into something that you could gaze at and say “That was very good!” Your masterpiece The very first love   And though we screwed it up and had to run for cover You made a plan B, always with our destiny in mind … Read More

Food Matters DVD and Detox Guide E-Book Giveaway


Happy New Year, everyone! There’s a little less than a week to go before the New Year’s giveaway of the Food Matters DVD and Detox Guide e-book ends on January 7, so don’t miss out on a good deal, guys!   I’ve learned so much from the Food Matters web site and DVD, and from the new … Read More

Celebrating the season (and birthday) with a giveaway!


Here’s hoping that you had an amazing Christmas Day with family and friends, with more focus on Jesus than on what was under the Christmas tree!   😉  Once again, I had a great Christmas in the tropics, with the requisite cool breezes and tranquil scenery.  *clinks imaginary wine glass to the computer screen*  To … Read More

Olympic follies: The race that wasn’t run

It only comes but once every four years, the Olympics.  Relentless training and exceptional sacrifice boil down to a few minutes of intense competition; then, the worthy winners are lauded with much-coveted medals. The event should bring out the very best in us all, athletes and spectators alike. For the Caribbean, the London Olympics stirred … Read More

Blogaversary giveaway!

Embrace the Struggle is turning one year old!   Our first post hit the blogosphere on June 29, 2011, and we’re still here, thanks to all of our faithful subscribers, followers, and yes, you lurkers out there, too!  We’re grateful to you all! As promised, today we begin our blogaversary giveaway.  As our way of … Read More

Psst! Hey, 25! It’s me, 50!

  I hit the half-century mark on Tuesday.  I honestly don’t feel any different, but the boat-load of “Happy 50th Birthday” wishes is a not-so-gentle reminder that I’m now in a fresh new decade.  Good thing is … 50 ain’t nothin’ but a number! With that in mind, here’s what I wish 25-year-old Alison could … Read More

Thanksgiving Haiku

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!Thought I’d share a haiku in honor of this special day.  This is my first try at haiku, so go easy on me!  *smiles*

Our generation’s watershed moment

Whenever I see a perfect blue sky–cloudless, 80-degree weather–especially in September, something in me responds with a strange hesitancy.  It’s almost an unwillingness to accept the day in its splendor. I vividly recall one such day ten years ago.  It was such a delightful Tuesday morning that as I drove along the tree-lined beauty of … Read More