Enter the Photobomber


Back in November at The High Calling’s retreat at Laity Lodge, I had the distinct honor of becoming one of the unsuspecting victims of a prankster.  Jennifer Lee (go check out her book, Love Idol!) set aside her megatalents as a writer, blogger, and general do-gooder in order to execute some hijinks behind our backs. Enter … Read More

Less Christianese, please?


I learned a language by osmosis.  Never opened a book or took a class!  I speak Christianese.  Do you?  Do you know anyone who does? Well, to be more accurate, I used to speak Christianese.  I still do, to a certain extent, but I see myself as a recovering Christianese speaker.  I’m not in a … Read More

Got Superpowers?

wonder woman

I’ve been ruminating on the concept of  superpowers for a while now.  I’m not talking about nation states considered to be the mightiest of them all, but the human traits that can produce miraculous changes in people’s lives. This week (it had to be the week when I planned to write on superpowers!!) some bloggers … Read More

The “I don’t” list

i dont list

I’m just starting out on the road to “focus” in 2014, so, to quote Uneeka Jay, I’m repossessing my “yes”:  bumping up relevant activities and downgrading the nonessentials. My blogging friend Anita Mathias piqued my interest in the “I don’t” list a few days ago.  She made a statement that stuck with me: “You recognize … Read More

Ten Things of Thankful

TenThingsBanner (1)

A few weeks ago, my blogging buddy Dana at Kiss My List took part in the “Ten Things of Thankful “blog hop.  Lizzi at Considerings began the hop as a means of encouraging bloggers to “seek the good things” in their lives each week.   I made a mental note that this would be a … Read More

In which I dream of grace upon grace upon grace

canyon trees

I had a lovely, weekend-long dream from which I’m hard pressed to awaken. I was at a retreat, nestled in a scenic canyon in the Hill Country of Texas.  I had to be driven through a river to get there.  And once I got there, I couldn’t use my cell phone.  I certainly must be … Read More

Looking for Lilly

lilly 111

As a token of appreciation for donating to one of the brothel raids carried out by The Exodus Road, I received a “Freedom Rock,” with the name “Lilly” on it.  Lilly was one of the girls who had been rescued. Her name was hand-painted on the rock by an artist, and on the back of … Read More

She sang what?

tina in vogue 1

I was looking at Oprah’s interview with Tina Turner the other day and began reminiscing about some of Tina’s songs that were the “it” songs back in the day.  “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”  “We Don’t Need Another Hero.”  “Private Dancer.”  She sang what?  LOL! No shade on Tina whatsoever.  My favorite Tina … Read More

Some things are better left unsaid

zip it

In fact, a bunch of things are better left unsaid.  The sad part is, the people who should be shutting up aren’t paying attention. How can they?  They’re busy being verbal wordslingers of the worst kind! Last year when the movie A Thousand Words came out, I wrote a post about the power of words to … Read More

More wisdom from the road well travelled


I’ve been indulging in some drive-by musings:  mulling over the lessons learned while driving. I wrote a snarky post two years ago on wisdom from the road well travelled.  I’m in a more contemplative frame of mind now:  There’s a lot to learn while on the road, with potential lifelong applications. Only when we’re stuck can … Read More