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I’m woefully behind on participating in Ms. Kimberly’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge.  Shameless plug (and payment of penance):  click on her button at the bottom of my sidebar and see all the topics in the blog challenge!   Now, Kimberly started the challenge on September 2.  Here I am, more than a week … Read More

The Insomnia War


I feel like I’m collateral in the insomnia war.  Oh, you’ve never heard of it?  Perhaps you’re too young to have lived through it.  😉 This a one-on-one war.  No armies, no coalitions, not even a small group of hardy terrorists.  Heck, insomnia is a terrorist all by itself. And I’ve often felt like I … Read More

Three reasons to pursue “Pura Vida”

me pura vida

I finally took a well-needed vacation before I lost my last quarter-inch of sanity.  Life felt like it was literally draining out of me via stress, sickness, and exhaustion. My very dear friend Marguerite opened her lovely home in Costa Rica to me and hung out with me at Asclepios Spa Retreat for a few … Read More

Dark and Lovely

dark and lovely

Hey guys! I’m guest posting today over at Deidra Rigg’s blog, Jumping Tandem.  Come check it out!   Back in October, Deidra did a series of posts titled “31 Days in My Brown Skin” that really resonated with readers and exposed a need for further dialogue on race, ethnicity, and culture.  The result is “Going … Read More

Procrastination = infestation

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This equation sums up my week:  Procrastination = infestation. I took way too long to address my “kitchen situation.” Whenever super-strong winds and rain from the north combined and pelted the house, the roof of the bay window in the kitchen would leak badly. I’d had the problem “solved” by at least two other contractors, … Read More

What’s with all this busyness?


Got a question for you:  What’s with all this busyness?  I have a friend who does not phone people;  it takes up too much of her time. She only texts. I recently called another friend who is going through a major life event to see how she’s doing.  “Keeping busy,” was her reply.  I’m not … Read More

When groaning ends


Ever wonder when the groaning will stop?   I don’t just mean the audible groans from physical pain.  Or the groans that emerge from viewing the carnage of tragedies such as the Boston Marathon bombing.  Not even the inward groan that forces its way out in the shape of a heart-bending sigh as we dwell … Read More

First love


You loved us from the get-go You shaped us lovingly from nothing Into something that you could gaze at and say “That was very good!” Your masterpiece The very first love   And though we screwed it up and had to run for cover You made a plan B, always with our destiny in mind … Read More

Steel plates ahead

I’ll keep this short and sweet because … well, that’s all I can do right now.  I’ve left work the last few days/nights not just physically tired, but mentally vacant. Not a good look.  It’s like all reason and power have been drained from my brain.  My prayers have boiled down to the rudimentary “Lord, help … Read More

Bible Stories that make me go: “What the heck!”

I love my Bible, but I’ve gotta tell you:  some of those stories in the Old Testament leave me scratching my head.  Take these three gems, for example. Baalam’s ass spoke  For the whole story, check out Numbers 22.  Okay, so this was way before Donkey and Shrek.  No animation here; this is a flesh and … Read More