The “I don’t” list

i dont list

I’m just starting out on the road to “focus” in 2014, so, to quote Uneeka Jay, I’m repossessing my “yes”:  bumping up relevant activities and downgrading the nonessentials. My blogging friend Anita Mathias piqued my interest in the “I don’t” list a few days ago.  She made a statement that stuck with me: “You recognize … Read More

10 Helpful Hints for Organizing

orange organizing

In my next incarnation, I’m going to be a professional organizer.  I’m already preparing to segue into that profession after I retire!  I’ve always loved putting things in their right place, creating order out of chaos, and helping friends and family pull their ish together. So when with Ms. Joi at Rx Fitness Lady included a “10 … Read More

Excess baggage

excess baggage1

Sometimes a word keeps showing up in your life and you just can’t sweep it under the proverbial rug.  Recently, mine has been “excess.”  As in, excess spending, working, thinking, supplements, hair products, skin products, shoes, food, clothes, blogs in my reader, books in my Kindle.  You get the picture. How did this happen?  Slowly, almost … Read More

What’s with all this busyness?


Got a question for you:  What’s with all this busyness?  I have a friend who does not phone people;  it takes up too much of her time. She only texts. I recently called another friend who is going through a major life event to see how she’s doing.  “Keeping busy,” was her reply.  I’m not … Read More

You DO have time!

Time slips through your hands

Yes, you do have time … for what truly matters to you. I’ve spent a few months playing a real-life version of the game “Beat The Clock”  in which there never seemed to be enough time in the day.  Or night.  I’d come to the end of a weekend and wish there was room somewhere … Read More