Take Me to your foolishness!


Yesterday I felt icky and “ugh” emotionally.  I know; great description from someone who works with words every day…  😉  But I was dealing with changes and losses, and I felt the tears pushing their way to the surface.  I did not want to go there, especially at work.  Inwardly, I cried out to God … Read More

Three reasons to pursue “Pura Vida”

me pura vida

I finally took a well-needed vacation before I lost my last quarter-inch of sanity.  Life felt like it was literally draining out of me via stress, sickness, and exhaustion. My very dear friend Marguerite opened her lovely home in Costa Rica to me and hung out with me at Asclepios Spa Retreat for a few … Read More

What if we removed the mask?

remove the mask

“Hi! How are you?” “Fine, thank you.” Nothing could be farther from the truth!  And both speakers intuitively know it. But who really wants to know how you’re doing?  Twenty-first century living doesn’t seem to lend itself to genuine disclosure.  It just takes up too much time, and it gets … complicated.  Or does it? … Read More

Procrastination = infestation

photo 3 (1)

This equation sums up my week:  Procrastination = infestation. I took way too long to address my “kitchen situation.” Whenever super-strong winds and rain from the north combined and pelted the house, the roof of the bay window in the kitchen would leak badly. I’d had the problem “solved” by at least two other contractors, … Read More

Excess baggage

excess baggage1

Sometimes a word keeps showing up in your life and you just can’t sweep it under the proverbial rug.  Recently, mine has been “excess.”  As in, excess spending, working, thinking, supplements, hair products, skin products, shoes, food, clothes, blogs in my reader, books in my Kindle.  You get the picture. How did this happen?  Slowly, almost … Read More

You DO have time!

Time slips through your hands

Yes, you do have time … for what truly matters to you. I’ve spent a few months playing a real-life version of the game “Beat The Clock”  in which there never seemed to be enough time in the day.  Or night.  I’d come to the end of a weekend and wish there was room somewhere … Read More

Why justice is always worth it


One of the things that growing older tends to do is to help you distill the real from the frivolous–and to stoke a desire for more of what truly matters. I’ve always been drawn to hard cases, situations in which people are working against seemingly impossible odds.  The desire to bring justice where it appears … Read More

Battle of the but

faith it

God is bigger than your but. Hey, keep your minds elevated!  There was one “t” in the last word of that very first sentence.  So yes, God is bigger than your but, no matter the form it takes.  Big, small, overpowering, underwhelming–to God, it’s no big whoop. The thing is, our buts tend to be … Read More

Mild discomfort, gazing, and other yoga wisdom

mild discomfort

I miss my yoga class!  I haven’t been at all this year.  Shame on me!  Y’all pray for me to get off my butt!   While I miss the physical and mental benefits, I continue to meditate on and draw parallels with the spiritual lessons I gain from yoga.     “Mild discomfort!”   I’d … Read More


A metallic chain with an explosed link.

I’m always amazed at how God will let events converge so that I can be unchained from the not-so-necessary and so be able to receive from Him what is truly necessary.  His patience with and grace toward me are priceless! I’m a Type A (mostly), so whether it’s relationships, work, play, health, or social media, … Read More