How will we receive them?

little girl hugs

The floor above mine at work was the land of big personalities and even bigger egos, a sound stage on which a melange of languages and nationalities coexisted warily.  And when one “less than favorite” coworker transitioned out of the department, there was much buzz. There was even more buzz when she came back after … Read More

Oh, so you’re offended?


I once had a cat named Bella.  No, this is not a limerick.   Mischievous, demanding, playful.  And easily offended.  She knew how to keep a grudge and to exact revenge with precision.  The minute I was ready to leave for work, she’d reach for my ankles and deftly place a run in my pantyhose, … Read More

The War on Stillness

Remember those days when we would play cops and robbers with siblings and friends, acting out what we saw on TV, and someone would “shoot” someone dead?  I’d be the shootee.  I used to love playing dead!  *emphasis on “playing”*I also used to like to fake sleep when I was a kid.  Alas, I fooled … Read More

Creating peace in the midst of the storm

You know something is a tad out of sync when you almost welcome the presence of a hurricane because it means you can have a few days at home.  In relative peace. I made sure to do due diligence pre-Sandy in case she really decided to show off on Maryland.Water?  Check.  Nonperishable food?  Check.  Coolers, … Read More

I’m in safe hands

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a hard-core small-island girl when it comes to driving:  any trip that lasts more than 30 minutes seems interminably long to me. On Sunday, I had to stretch beyond my comfort zone and drive much more than 30 minutes to the homegoing service of the husband of one of my very dearest … Read More

A Tree of Life

Thought I’d share a “Word picture” with you all this Thursday.  I took this photo while on my mini retreat last weekend.  Enjoy! I’ll be back to my regular Thursday posts next week.   What do you do to maintain a “wholesome tongue”?


Last week was a week of waiting.  Pausing.  Reflecting. While I waited for word on the results of a medical test, I found myself in the Word even more than normal.  My go-to scriptures and prayers didn’t seem to suffice.  I turned to the psalms. As I pored over Psalm 62, a word that I had often … Read More

Go north, young woman!

It’s always awesome to get a word directly from God.  You know it’s God when a Bible verse comes to you that you would normally never think of; plus, it applies perfectly to a situation with which you’re sumo-wrestling and only you and God know about it. So… the Holy Spirit deposits Deuteronomy 2:3 in my mind:  … Read More

The girl with the curl

I know you know her. She’s the sweetest person on the planet.  She would give her right arm to get you out of a fix.    She’s thoughtful, generous, funny, caring.  A friend in your darkest hour. And then this other person shows up.   Her mouth spews enough foul language to make a sailor … Read More

Obedience: the believer’s “wow” factor

I love Spirit Wings‘ annual dance recital!  This year the theme was “Dealing with the Spirit of Compromise,” with 1 Samuel 15:22 as the scriptural reference. As we entered the auditorium, the founding artistic director informally shared the recital’s theme and her strong belief that the Holy Spirit would meet with each attendee and pinpoint areas in which … Read More