No “shade” from the Son

shade from the sun

One of the advantages of observing Lent is the opportunity to strip away what might be hindering our Christian walk and to focus on what really matters:  our relationship with Jesus and the immense sacrifice He made to reconcile us to the Father. Although I love the comforting words of Romans 8, the beauty of Romans … Read More

Do the roar (Not)!


Ever had someone try to get you to act like you used to back in the day?   Nobody can MAKE you act any particular way, but you know what I mean:  your interaction with them led to you respond in a way that you thought you had put behind you.  It made you do … Read More

Okay, now what?

Preapproved 1

“Be careful what you ask for,” they say.  They’re right! I participated in a SITS (the Secret is In The Sauce) “Comment Love” challenge for bloggers a few weeks ago.  We had five days to comment on 75 blogs and potentially receive 75 comments.  Yeah.   😯 A week later, Embrace the Struggle had its … Read More

Less Christianese, please?


I learned a language by osmosis.  Never opened a book or took a class!  I speak Christianese.  Do you?  Do you know anyone who does? Well, to be more accurate, I used to speak Christianese.  I still do, to a certain extent, but I see myself as a recovering Christianese speaker.  I’m not in a … Read More

The virus


Last week I had to carry my laptop to the computer surgeons, aka Geek Squad.  Turned out that Baby Girl was infected with a virus.  Actually, scratch that; she was infected with 25 viruses. Yep.  Twenty-five viruses.  And her operating system was corrupted and needed to be cleaned out and restored. Advanced diagnostic and repair … Read More

Got Superpowers?

wonder woman

I’ve been ruminating on the concept of  superpowers for a while now.  I’m not talking about nation states considered to be the mightiest of them all, but the human traits that can produce miraculous changes in people’s lives. This week (it had to be the week when I planned to write on superpowers!!) some bloggers … Read More

Embracing “focus” in 2014

OneWord2014 FOCUS

I took off the last two weeks from blogging, and I really enjoyed the break.  Truth be told, I needed it! As much as I felt neutral about 2014 towards the end of last year, God (yet again!) surprised me with a One Word for 2014.   Yes. Focus. Often during 2013, I would find … Read More

Looking for Lilly

lilly 111

As a token of appreciation for donating to one of the brothel raids carried out by The Exodus Road, I received a “Freedom Rock,” with the name “Lilly” on it.  Lilly was one of the girls who had been rescued. Her name was hand-painted on the rock by an artist, and on the back of … Read More

Three things I know to be true


These three things I know to be true.   There are others, but these are the primary ones right now.   I am loved, and I am the giver of love. Even when everything in life seems to be saying the opposite,  you know that you know that you know that your love bucket can … Read More

Oh, so you’re offended?


I once had a cat named Bella.  No, this is not a limerick.   Mischievous, demanding, playful.  And easily offended.  She knew how to keep a grudge and to exact revenge with precision.  The minute I was ready to leave for work, she’d reach for my ankles and deftly place a run in my pantyhose, … Read More