Blessed hope


“The Easter lily is a biblical flower commonly associated with the resurrection of Christ. In Christian tradition, the Easter lily signifies rebirth and a new beginning. It is said that beautiful white lilies sprang up in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus wept in the last hours before he was betrayed by Judas. Another legend … Read More

A season of optimism

photo 4

Spring is my favorite season, and cherry blossom time is just divine to me.  It’s almost like God is showing off via nature, bombarding us with a fiesta of blooms that provoke happiness, warmth, smiles, and an appreciation of creation’s magnificence. Optimism springs forth at this time of year for me. “I love better to … Read More

Hard work

clock cleaning

Coming off a grueling week of work, I’ve been dwelling on the amount of time and effort that goes into our jobs.  It’s hard work for most of us, whether our professions demand mental or physical energy–or both. What’s the true value of our work in God’s eyes?  How can we honor Him with our … Read More


in the waiting

“All eyes have turned toward You, waiting in expectation; when they are hungry, You feed them right on time.”  Psalm 145:15 Often life feels like we are looking through the window pane . . . waiting, waiting.  It may seem interminable, futile, sometimes punishing.  But it’s in the waiting that we learn what we’re truly made of, and … Read More

Everything that counts


I love this statue of Albert Einstein!  It’s just a few blocks away from my office.  It invariably brings out a playful spirit in the many tourists who take pictures there.   Einstein was a genius whose many quotes reverberate with wisdom and deep thought.  Among my favorites is this one: “Not everything that counts … Read More

Foul-weather friend

foul weather friend

  “We all need “foul-weather friends” who will venture out into the weather with us.”   Holley Gerth, from “Rain on Me:  Daily Moments of Hope and Encouragement” Isn’t that the truth?  Solid friendship is built, not on the fun times, as great as they are, but on the dismal, despair-filled seasons when true friends … Read More

Here’s to fond memories…

fond memories

 I took this photo while on vacation back home on December 31. The contrast between the tranquil waters and serene skies of the Caribbean and the cold, ice, and snow this January in Maryland, especially this week, is stark and jolting.   Add to that yesterday’s fatal shootings in a mall I visit, right here in … Read More


MLK on peace

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize, given annually to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. He was, indeed, an earthly prince of … Read More

Blessed by association


I did this cross-stitch piece when I was a teenager, but the sentiment behind the statement it expresses remains the same today as it was back then. I’m blessed by association through the many friendships I’ve cultivated over the years. God is the author of friendship, community, and the unity that occurs when people are … Read More

Fruit that remains


I saw these berries as I took a walk near the office.  I don’t think they’re edible, but they sure looked pretty!  Reminded me of the premium God places on spiritual fruit that is of value in the long term.   “You didn’t choose Me, remember; I chose you and put you in the world … Read More