Foul-weather friend

foul weather friend

  “We all need “foul-weather friends” who will venture out into the weather with us.”   Holley Gerth, from “Rain on Me:  Daily Moments of Hope and Encouragement” Isn’t that the truth?  Solid friendship is built, not on the fun times, as great as they are, but on the dismal, despair-filled seasons when true friends … Read More

Christmas Eve’s Eve Holly Bloggy Party Reveal

RFL party button

I’d have to say that 2013 really has been a bumper blogging year.  One of my major prayer requests, the desire for a genuine tribe of fellow bloggers and followers, came through!  I hooked up with a delightful group of writers who have encouraged, supported, and mentored me on my blogging journey, as I did … Read More

Three things I know to be true


These three things I know to be true.   There are others, but these are the primary ones right now.   I am loved, and I am the giver of love. Even when everything in life seems to be saying the opposite,  you know that you know that you know that your love bucket can … Read More

My Flava-Fave Chicken recipes: Two thumbs up!


As much as I’m West Indian, I don’t prepare many typical Caribbean recipes.  I can hear all the yardies saying:  “What kind of West Indian woman is this?”  What can I tell you?  This is who I am!   😆    Don’t get me wrong:  I love Caribbean food, but I prefer to eat it … Read More