Cleansing stream

I had an Ugly Cry today.  The type Oprah talks about.  Yep, the snottin’, run-quick-bring-the-whole-box-of-tissues, face-contorted-into-a-pretzel, wailing-like-I-lost-all-my-friends-and-family-in-a-disaster kind of Ugly Cry.
Thing is, sadness didn’t precipitate this untelevised (mercifully) meltdown.  Quite the contrary; I entered my prayer room in good spirits, intending to meet with God in my quiet time.  

He had a slightly different plan.

I felt led to listen to Anthony Evans’ version of “Wonderful Merciful Savior” with headphones.  Some songs just beg to be listened to with headphones.  *smiles*   Well, from the first note, I knew a cry was headed my way.  Didn’t expect it to roll out like quite like that, however! 

You know how some folks say that God showed up during a church service? Well, they’re right; He does.  And it’s a glorious, all-encompassing, life-changing corporate event. 

But, bless His Name, He’s not limited to the Sunday morning service.  Sometimes He shows up when–and where–you least expect Him to:  at home, in the office (Lord, in the office?  Really?), in the car.  Right when you think it’s going to be business as usual.  

And it’s always a powerful, cleansing, one-on-one event.  Just you and Him.

He used the words of the song to get to a deep place in me that is reserved for Him.  It’s called true, unfettered worship, born out of a flash of revelation of Who He is that changes and sobers and readjusts you from the inside out.  You have no choice but to fall prostrate before Him and give Him honor.  

Loudly.  Through tears.  Semi-coherently.  The Holy Spirit will translate.  

Then it morphs into praise and prayer, even intercession.  Psalm 100 comes alive.  You enter in with thanksgiving, press further in through praise, and kneel before him prayerfully.

As the tears flowed, a transaction and a transformation occurred.  

The transaction is spiritual:  we bring nothing but our emptiness to the altar; He fills us with yet another glimpse of His glory.  

The transformation, too, is spiritual:  from “normal” quiet time to an intense interaction with the Most High.   As Paul described it, a change from glory to glory.

I’m realizing that the best worship––and praise, and prayer––is unscripted, unplanned, and God-initiated.  The cleansing stream of tears of gratitude and joy at the goodness and awesomeness of God is unparalleled in its ability to carry you back, in Matt Redman’s iconic words, to the heart of worship.  

It really is all about Him.  Why on earth do we think it could be about anything–or anyone–else?



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