Do the roar (Not)!

Ever had someone try to get you to act like you used to back in the day?  

Nobody can MAKE you act any particular way, but you know what I mean:  your interaction with them led to you respond in a way that you thought you had put behind you.  It made you do the roar, a la Shrek.


My boy Shrek thought he was post-roar.  Boy, was he surprised at his own response!

So was I when I found myself shouting at someone in impatience, exasperation, and exhaustion a few days ago.

I did my own roar.  *hangs head in shame*

Reverting to our “old self” 

As Christians, we we’ve crossed from death to life.  We’re new wineskins filled with new wine; a new creation; seated in heavenly places.  Our old way of living is just that… old.  Past.  History.  

But that old-past-history often is just a few aggravations away from showing its behind to the world and making us question who we really are.

Enter the roar

I used to joke with friends that I was going to keep a can opener on my desk at work in case I had to open a can of whoop-ass on someone.  So much for the fruit of the Spirit, especially patience.  The roar is often most symptomatic of a lack of patience with either people or circumstances.  Like Shrek, when we’re at the end of our tether, we simply let it rip.

The roar reveals what we used to be: habits, mindsets, language, attitudes, and actions that were our modus operandi pre-Christ.

At the time, it does feel good to let that roar barrel its way through and onto whoever’s in its path.  But a little later on, most of us regret it.  We did not give good face, or grace, to the person on the receiving end of our roar. 

Is roaring ever really needed?

Is it that we no longer need to do the roar?  I mean, Jesus roared in the temple, overturning tables and messing with those guys’ hustle.  But His was a holy, righteous roar.  I suspect most of our roars are far removed from His.  😀

The devil sees our weaknesses and lies in wait, ready to clobber us about the head and shoulders with our propensity to “wild out,” disrespecting others and ourselves by our choices.  Sometimes I act like I’ve forgotten that I’ve had work done; spiritual work, that is.  I act like “Girl Interrupted,”when I’m simply “girl in progress.”

When I feel ready to drop-kick the world, I probably need a tall glass of “sit the heck down.”  I’m glad that the Holy Spirit helps me dial back the urge to indulge in industrial strength tomfoolery when I let His gentle wisdom guide me to shut the heck up.  That’s what the fruit of the Spirit can do!

So, are you someone who roars?  What’s your personal reason to roar?  Is it worth it?  


  1. Ms. Hector, stop it!!! I am so guilty, not last week or last month but just last hour. My button was pushed one time too many and boy did I roar. And yes conviction came right afterwords. I am still in need of a better way to handle that particular button when it is pushed but for now I just need to apologize to the recipient of the roar. Lord help me!!! This a was HAMAT strength roar. I saw the look on his face and thought this is a good time for the ground to split and swallow me up. The interesting thing is that the people you cherish the most are the ones who know and are skilled at button selection.

  2. Oh my goodness! We’re you following me? My old roar almost came out when an employee bad mouthed about my daughter right in front of me! Instead I politely reminded her that I was that young lady’s mom and I sure hoped she wasn’t just talking about her! I had to put my momma bear claws in for sure!

    • So you put a cap on your roar and responded politely! Good for you for nipping that roar but getting your point across, Tricia! Looking forward to next weekend.

  3. I think I AM a roarer, but not very often.
    It’s a triggered thing, I suppose. Anything that has to do with my kids, of course, or someone copying my work (happens sometimes) or someone pushing me when I’m already uncomfortable.
    Cannot. Handle. It.
    Tamara recently posted..In The Light and Dark Spaces.My Profile

    • Tamara, people copy your work? Is that crazy or what? I would be roaring big time if that happened. Being pushed and making me feel uncomfortable will definitely make me defensive too.

  4. Oh girl, you don’t KNOW how this speaks to me right now! I had the worst most awful trip to Florida and I reverted back… and I broke because I am broken. And there are certain people that do it to me. People that are threats to my spirit and my sanity and my peace. I am still trying to recover from the trauma of the allegations and the judgements and the horrendous week that I had. Please pray for God to heal my heart and for His Spirit to drench my soul.

    Love you and miss you sweet sister.
    Chris Carter recently posted..Are You Feeling STRETCHED?My Profile

    • Miss you too, Chris! I’ll be over to your blog this weekend. This week has been… messy! I will be praying for healing and His presence. Don’t let them make you roar!

  5. I try, but there are times buttons get pushed and I get to a certain point and snap. I always feel bad after it happens…but it doesn’t seem to stop me.
    Michelle recently posted..There’s a Spring in my Step: Friday Faves and Ladies Only Blog Share #LOBSMy Profile

    • Ah, it’s a challenge, Michelle. How hard it is to keep from going full throttle! I try to shut up or remove myself from the situation. Sometimes it doesn’t work. 🙁

  6. I do try to refrain from letting out that roar but we all have those moments when the button has been pushed and there just no retreating.
    Wanda recently posted..Obediently Keeping to Task & Waking Up Our HeartsMy Profile

  7. Been there- done that! When “it” happens (the roar), I have to remind me that whatever caused the roar is something that I must continue to work on. Whatever that “it” may be is not dead, but dormant. And, because it lies dormant , it may rise up again. If and when it does, I must get up, brush myself off and move forward. Hopefully, the episodes of “it” rising become more and more infrequent until the point where “it” is truly dead and not dormant.

    I’m reminded of the scripture, “A just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again…”
    (Proverbs 24:16)

    • “Seven times to rise, seven times to fall.” You’re right,Trinity: the roar demonstrates that something in us hasn’t been put to death. I like thinking of it in that sense. We need to put to death the thing that gives rise to the roar.

  8. My favorite response at work to the temptation to roar is to take a bathroom break. What? Yes I go to the bathroom, not for reasons that you would normally go for but that’s my space where I can let out whatever it is. At home, I am quicker to let it out right there, right then. My post today though covers all this meme’ under lust and when we are bombarded with it, what our true response as Christians should be. Blessings!
    Yvonne I. Wilson recently posted..14 Powerful Prayer Points for Someone Bombarded With LustMy Profile

    • Blessings back at you, Yvonne! I, too, take a bathroom break when things get untenable. That tiny space is the best place sometimes to suppress the roar and put it in its place.

  9. Hi Ali! I used to ‘roar’ quite a bit. It was my go-to attitude when things weren’t going right. I still get upset, I just am not as loud! But your point about waiting on the Spirit by ‘sitting down’ is a really good point. Yelling really doesn’t do much except alienate people. Not a good goal!

    May God bless me with his peace. And may I learn to pass that along, not my roar!
    Ceil recently posted..Still SaturdayMy Profile

  10. As ALWAYS this post is spot on. I had the worst roar ever… like the worst. Whenever I am feeling threatened, small, or being challenged, I roar. Not loudly, but more of the nasty whisper that just can ruin folks day. Back in the day, I was proud of the ability, and considered it a talent of sorts, but today, it just makes me feel ashamed of myself. I rarely, if ever, even want to think about what used to come out of my mouth back then. Just this past weekend, I felt like doing the roar because of something that happened to my baby girl, but prayer and a good night’s sleep (and her composure during the situation) kept that roar quiet. Great post!
    Eva recently posted..Caribbean Mom Chat: Sweet Hand (Part One) – Live Cooking Demonstration #CaribbeanMomChatMy Profile

    • I know what you mean re: the nasty whisper. I was/am good at that too. I say it to my shame. I think it’s a sort of passive-aggressive response to a sense of being threatened or in some way being put down. Lord help us to overcome our insecurities! Glad that baby girl was composed in the midst of. Good for her!
      Alison recently posted..Do the roar (Not)!My Profile

  11. I have gotten better but not perfect. Of course, I’ll never be perfect. My roar has been replaced with other emotions that I need to control but aren’t necessarily those that effect others. Self doubt, sadness, etc. There’s always something for us to overcome but it’s in the work of getting better that we grow closer to Jesus.
    Carla recently posted..Jessica Shares How to Lose Over 100 PoundsMy Profile

    • Very true, Carla. I, too, succumb to other emotions that replace the roar from time to time. None of it is very helpful, but at least we’re aware of what’s happening and attempting to do better!
      Alison recently posted..Do the roar (Not)!My Profile

  12. I only roar with my family. I know I shouldn’t, but I suppose it’s because I know they will love me no matter what. Fortunately it doesn’t happen often!

  13. Good for you! My roars are few and far between but they do cause me great regret once they get out of my mouth!
    Alison recently posted..Do the roar (Not)!My Profile

  14. I usually roar in private. The last big one I can remember was when the refrigerator was too big to fit in the kitchen it was built for. But yeah people do get me to a boiling point and I just flatline. Somehow I’m able to move on.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..So I got a ticket. What’s the lesson?My Profile

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