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I love this statue of Albert Einstein!  It’s just a few blocks away from my office.  It invariably brings out a playful spirit in the many tourists who take pictures there.  

Einstein was a genius whose many quotes reverberate with wisdom and deep thought.  Among my favorites is this one:

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

What counts most to you?  What counts most to God?

And, when all is said and done, here is the last word: worship in reverence the one True God, and keep His commands, for this is what God expects of every person. Ecclesiastes 12:13, The Voice Translation

Happy Sunday!


  1. Happy Sunday to you too. Great fun photo. Love the quote.
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  2. Dear Allison
    It is sometimes difficult to think how this brilliant mind struggled to passed his high school years. But looking at this statue and reading his quotes gives me more understanding for he looks just like those folk who have such brilliant minds that they don’t really pay a lot of attention to (as they perceive) the mundane things around them!
    Blessings XX
    Mia recently posted..The Seed of EveMy Profile

    • I think you’re right, Mia. And the more I read his quotes, the more I’ve come to realize that that really was his approach to life. He made the main thing the main thing. #focus

  3. What a beautiful statue! I would have so much fun photographing it. And the quote…shakes me to the my bones!
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  4. love this!
    wish we could meet and sit a spell there 😉
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  5. This gives me something to think about – what counts the most to me? What counts the most to God? I need to be sure that what counts to me is in alignment with what counts with God. Good food for thought. I’m going to make this my soul work for the next week, or however long it takes me to come up with a good answer.
    Andrea recently posted..Jordan Davis. Trayvon Martin. You. Me. Your Son. My Nephew.My Profile

    • I like the idea of doing soul work, Andrea. It’s so vital to our progress and well-being. I’m in that process too. It’s very enlightening and therapeutic.

  6. Alison, thanks for stopping by my blog today. i enjoyed visiting yours. great name on your blog:)

  7. Alison, thanks for stopping by my blog today. i enjoyed visiting yours. great name on your blog:)

    (whoops! i put the wrong blog address in the first time…guess it’s time for my nap:)
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  8. Love the statue! And Einstein. I’m known to throw out his quotes quite often.
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  9. I would LOVE to be sitting on that statue. And sharing the Word and the thoughtfulness is a blessing.

    Thanks much!
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  10. That is a wonderful quote by Einstein. I love all the quotes from Einstein. I love the statue of him!
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    • It’s great to see in pictures, Kalley, but it’s even more impressive up close and in person. Normally these sorts of statues are intimidating to me, but I really love this one.

  11. Einstein had some good quotes that I am just now discovering. Love the statue I would do my think tank look
    Kita recently posted..Think PinkMy Profile

  12. I’ve always loved that quote. That statue has such presence. I’d love to be photographed there.
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  13. Hi Ali! I just love it when someone puts what you are thinking into perfect view. That Einstein really was…well…an Einstein! It’s so true that what the world says matters, sometimes really doesn’t.

    How fun to be so close to that statue! Looks like people sure do have a lot of fun there. And I hope I can have that kind of fun while I do what The Lord asks of me 🙂
    Blessings to you on this Monday,

    • The statue is wonderful, Ceil. To me, it’s a “must visit” spot to anyone touring D.C. It’s sort of tucked away, but being on Constitution Avenue, it’s very accessible by foot. And you’re right that what we’re often told is of value really isn’t. This is where wisdom, discernment, and listening closely to the Lord’s voice come into play.
      Alison recently posted..Everything that countsMy Profile

  14. A truly wise soul he was and how wise we all would be to keep those words of wisdom in mind. It’s easy to get lost in counting all of our stuff but all that really doesn’t matter at all. Have a great week.
    Wanda recently posted..His Unfailing LoveMy Profile

  15. mmm … I think albert would be happy to find himself in such good company!

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  16. That is a great quote from Einstein…I feel like I have probably heard it before, but needed to hear it again! :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Would You Rather: Hear All Of Your Best Friend’s Thoughts Or Not Communicate At All?My Profile

  17. What a great thought to start out my week! Thank you. A little late but I’m stopping by from #SITSBlogging
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  18. Hey Alison! Hope you had a great weekend! What an intriguing statue! Love that quote…yes, not everything that can be counted counts, so true, so true! And I love that verse…when it’s all said and done, what matters most is that we’ve done what He’s asked of us. Thanks for sharing! Blessings my friend!
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  19. What a cool statue! I am sure if I lived near it, I would sneak over in the wee hours of the morning to photograph it without anyone around. I do that with my downtown sometimes, especially when there is fresh snow. That’s a good quote…definitely makes you think. And he was right.
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  20. it’s just like one of the readings from mass this past sunday…to keep God’s commandments. an important message that is hard to keep. i am trying!
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  21. I hadn’t heard that Einstein quote but it sounds like something Solomon might have said. Too often I can get caught up in the “counting”–will it “count” if my intentions were good, or I at least did a little, if this or that…. So it’s good to be reminded of the last word: worship the one true God! In the end, that’s all that will count. Thanks for sharing these truths, Alison.
    Lisa notes recently posted..The voice of Martin Luther King, Jr.My Profile

    • Lisa, you’re so welcome. You’re correct in that our worship and service to Him are all that will count in the end. May we all take that to heart daily!

  22. That is an awesome sculpture! I especially love the goofy smiles in the pic! Looks like a great group of people. #SITSBlogging
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    • Aren’t they a cool juxtaposition, Shannon? Here’s Einstein with a book open on his lap, the guys on the right in a deep discussion, and the tourists taking goofy pictures! Love it!

  23. What a wonderful quote…something to remember when I need to put things in perspective!
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  24. Family counts most to me. I’m glad you asked us these questions, because sometimes we have to slow down from the hustle and bustle of life to remember the importance of family and giving time to God.
    Sherelle recently posted..Insight from a Worker Bee… Am I a Character From HBO’s Girls?My Profile

    • Family is at the top of the list for me too, Sherelle. The need for speed can turn us into little speed demons, devoid of rest and peace, so slowing down is mandatory nowadays.

  25. I love that quote! Definitely a great reminder of what really matters. Happy SITS Day!

  26. Happy SITS Day! I hope you have a great one!

    Love the picture! Totally made me smile and LOL. 🙂

    Love the Einstein quote, too. It is so true! We need to learn what really matters to God and to us and make sure our priorities line up. 🙂 Great post.
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  27. NIcki Lewis says:

    Happy SITS Day!

  28. Family is the most important thing to me! Happy SITS day!
    Ashley @ Married to the Game recently posted..The Boys Behind the BlogMy Profile

  29. What an incredibly beautiful quote (and LOVE that statue! So neat that you can see this whenever you like on your lunch break. I imagine in the summer I’d find a lot of inspiration there…)

    Hope you are enjoying your SITS day and the comments that will come pouring in from many different parts of the globe 🙂 Enjoy your day in the sunshine!!!
    Charlotte recently posted..Valentine’s Day recapMy Profile

    • Charlotte, I am most definitely enjoying it. It was a pleasant surprise to see all of the comment love that came my way. And yes, the Einstein statue is a great place to just relax and regroup.

  30. Hi Allison. I know that as Christians we will have struggles. I don’t know about embracing them though. Currently reading about spiritual warfare via ‘Girls With Swords’ by Lisa Bevere. Stopping by to wish you a Happy SITS Day!
    Rachel Lavern@Online Biz Boomer Babe recently posted..You are EnoughMy Profile

    • We don’t have much choice on this side but to embrace them, Rachel; the alternative is to be struggling against them constantly. With God on our side, we can calmly accept them and believe Him for victory over them.

  31. Happy SITS day! I didn’t know that quote was one of Einstein’s, but I love it. Family, Friends, and Faith top my list.
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  32. Nicole Kobilka says:

    Love that quote. As I raise a son that is struggling with language but is so intelligent, I often remind myself about Einstein, and other brilliant minds that struggled. Thanks for sharing.
    Nicole Kobilka recently posted..Jawbone UP ReviewMy Profile

    • Keep encouraging your son, Nicole. So many of Einstein’s quotes deal with the challenges he faced despite his greatness. He overcame them, persevered, and blessed us all with his genius.

  33. What a great man to highlight. Big fan of Einstein. #SITSBlogging

  34. Happy SITS day! I love the Albert Einstein quote and had never heard that one before. So true.
    Susan Maccarelli recently posted..I Had The Funniest Dream About…: 7 Ways To Remember Your DreamsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Susan! Einstein has some of the best quotes ever. He was such a keen observer of the quirks of life, and he learned via experience to survive and thrive beyond those quirks.

  35. Ali, I love the title of your blog. It’s something I’ve been learning myself over the last few years, b/c really, the struggle is the life of the Christian, right? Beautiful post and happy SITS day!
    Bridget Green recently posted..Immediate BooksMy Profile

    • Thanks, Bridget! We are in the struggle, whether we like it or not, as Christians. Our approach to the struggle is what often makes the difference between victory and defeat. I’m all for victory. Let’s embrace those struggles!

  36. I love Einstein, he was a vegetarian! This is a great picture and such a great quote!
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  37. Amen 🙂 I kinda wanna curl up on him and take a little outdoorsy nap. Is that weird? 🙂
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..7 Must Have Hasbro Toys in 2014! | Toy Fair New York 2014My Profile

    • Not at all weird, Nellie! Were you to see the statue in person, you would definitely want to curl up and nap away. It’s that sort of secluded, yet accessible, setting.

  38. I needed to re-read that quote so many times to make sure I truly understood its meaning. WOW. I absolutely LOVE that. And your verse is perfection! (Of course it is, right? What Word of God isn’t? lol)
    Chris Carter recently posted..Devotional Diary: What Is God’s Dream For You?My Profile

  39. Alison,
    I’ve enjoyed visiting your site today. You know, I’ve never really thought of Albert Einstein’s powerful words in comparison to the Bible. No wonder his quotes mean so much to me. Thanks!
    Substance of Living
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  40. I’m late commenting to this but I hope you enjoyed your Sunday and your week, Alison! Lately, my family and I have been learning so much that counts to God that we never knew growing up. It is such a blessing to be in the know so that we can be obedient to Him and please Him 🙂
    Brittnei recently posted..Celebrating Shabbat as a Believer in YeshuaMy Profile

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