First love


You loved us from the get-go

You shaped us lovingly from nothing

Into something that you could gaze at and say

“That was very good!”

Your masterpiece

The very first love


And though we screwed it up and had to run for cover

You made a plan B, always with our destiny in mind


So, weaved through Old and New agreements is

A cord of three strands that can never be broken

You, Your Son, Your Spirit


You, holding us together with cords of mother-love saturated in

Kindness, forgiveness, tenderness


Your Son, arms stretched excruciatingly wide in love

Embracing all of us and our struggles

In a sacrifice we still find impossible to comprehend

Passion pouring from a twisted tree


Your Spirit, comforting, counseling, calming

Replenishing Your DNA in our spirits

So that we can be You, with skin on

A cold drink of water

A visit

A call

A hug


You loved us first

You were our first love


Valentine’s Day or not

We’re caught up, tied up, tangled up

In Your love

Overcome by a great affection

A love that will not let us go

Our first love


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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