Go north, young woman!

It’s always awesome to get a word directly from God.  You know it’s God when a Bible verse comes to you that you would normally never think of; plus, it applies perfectly to a situation with which you’re sumo-wrestling and only you and God know about it.

So… the Holy Spirit deposits Deuteronomy 2:3 in my mind: 

“You’ve been going around in circles in these hills long enough.  Go north.”

Can I share that Deuteronomy is not the first book in the Bible to which I gravitate?  The only Deuteronomy scriptures that I recall are the blessings and curses in chapter 28.

Only God could know the “mountains” of health, work, money, and relationship challenges that I had been circling.  I was weary from being beaten about the head and shoulders by circumstances.  I often recalled Prov. 12:25 and prayed about the need to abandon heaviness of heart.  I guess God heard!

Going around the mountain a few times can bring either clarity (reminders of landmarks to guide you or pitfalls to avoid) or confusion:  

  • Why am I here again?  Deja vu?
  • What’s the lesson here?  I don’t want a failing grade!  
  • I sure won’t take that side of the fork in the road again!

It took the Israelites 40 years to complete an 11-day journey.  Unbelief and complaints kept them in a holding pattern for more than one generation.  Note to self…

I left St. Kitts to go north, geographically, to study in Canada and to accept my current job in the USA.  It meant starting anew on every level.  

For the Israelites also, going north offered them a chance to create the lives they longed for.  Now was the time to possess what was theirs, rather than spin their wheels in futility.

The rest of Deuteronomy 2 details what their “north” looked like:  courage and confrontation; peace and progress;  compromise and conquest.

My new “north” is not yet clearly articulated, but I know in my spirit, as my girl Norma would say, that “my assignment is over!”

Which mountains have you been going around?  Is it time for you to “go north”?

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