Here’s to looking up!

One of my favorite things about warmer weather is being able to walk outside and enjoy the scenery.   

Invariably I get to gawk at a stunning deer or two, slip past bunny rabbits before they scamper away, and delight in a variety of dogs being walked by their owners (or vice versa!).

That is, of course, if I’m not diverted by my thoughts and end up head down, seemingly fascinated by the pavement.  It can happen so quickly that I’m not even aware the switch from beauty to drudgery occurred.

A few weeks ago, I received a word while driving to work:  “You can choose to look up at the sky or look down at the pavement.”

Well, that sounded lofty, but is it practical?  I mean, how would I avoid cracks or unevenness in the pavement as I walk, or potholes in the road as I drive? 

I think the answer lies in how God wired us.  We are energized by creative processes.  Nature invigorates us and feeds the right side of the brain. 

I really believe that’s why removing ourselves from our routines via vacations is a sure-fire way to stoke our creative fires and restore balance.

Looking at the pavement is almost a default setting for humans: expected.  There is so much to bog us down and consume our attention.  Who can keep up?  How do we pry ourselves away from the “tyranny of the urgent?”

But something shifts when we choose to “look up” spiritually.

  • Perspectives change.  
  • We allow the Holy Spirit to open up our understanding of God’s Word and apply it to situations.  
  • We can hear from God with greater precision. 
  • We can minister to others with an authority that comes from a fresh understanding of what we’re here to do.  
  • Gratitude takes over our conversations, and we ditch negative words and attitudes.

I think we need all need a daily dose of looking up!  

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