If nobody read along

Been thinking about motives a lot recently.  Why do I do what I do?  What’s really behind my doing?  Pure motives or a hidden agenda?
A case in point is blogging.  
I started blogging because I felt that it was a viable outlet for the many things that are on my mind and heart, and I genuinely enjoy writing.  It is a “fire shut up in my bones.”
I asked God to bless what I would do and to use it to bless others and draw them (and me) into a closer relationship with Him.
But a funny thing happened along the blogosphere path.  You begin to read about how to grow your blog, how to change your writing to attract traffic, and the initial, simple goal of writing–hopefully appealing to like-minded readers or even challenging some who don’t totally share your point of view–becomes a little murky.  
What if no one reads?
What if no one cares?
Do I continue to write, as it were, to myself?
What if I lose my true voice in trying to grow an “audience”?
In his book “The Life You’ve Always Wanted, ” John Ortberg raises the idea of the “ministry of the mundane,” a form of servanthood in which your own agenda decreases and gives way to helping others without even thinking about it.  “Give yourselves to those who can bring you no status or clout,”  he says, “for if you don’t, your whole life will be thrown away on an idiotic contest to see who is the greatest.”
My wish is that this blog will be a “ministry of the mundane.”  My hope is that others can relate to the struggles I face.  My goal is to serve others–to encourage, to edify, perhaps even to entertain.  🙂  My desire is to be authentic and transparent.
But if nobody read along…
Although it might smart a bit (who am I fooling?  It would hurt like all get-out!), I still think I’d be doing what I’m supposed to do and somebody, somewhere along the way, will be blessed.  Maybe what is mundane to me may be a light bulb moment for someone else.  They may never know it if I don’t write it.  
So I continue to pray for right motives and to plug ahead despite all that would work against me posting something new every week, convinced that those who need to will receive something here.  And yes, somebody will read along! 



  1. I'm reading 🙂 And what you say is helping me in my spiritual journey as well. The post you wrote about not really feeling God has really stuck with me.

    I attended the Victory Campaign with Kenneth Copeland this past weekend and purchased a number of products including: Developing Friendship With God. I'm looking forward to "feeling" God more.

  2. @Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty I know He's looking forward to it too, Michelle. The enemy will do anything to keep us from that intimacy.

    How was the Victory Campaign?

  3. Ali,
    I enjoy reading your blog. I may not always post a comment but I am here. Thank you for sharing yourself/your thoughts with us. #Hugs


  4. @KerisThanks partner! I know you have my back!

  5. I LOVE that quote (thanks for sharing it!) and totally understand the struggle that blogging brings. Jesus' view of success is totally opposite of the world's, isn't it? That's what makes it so hard–and helps us rely on Him. Thanks for joining the High Calling network. I pray we can encourage you in your goals, and hopefully–as a bonus–bring new readers to you. Blessings!

  6. @DenaDyerThanks so much, Dena! I'm really excited about being a member of The High Calling Network. Thanks for dropping by; feel free to come on back!

  7. Thank you for reminding me, dear friend, to minister in the mundane! I love your blog, don't stop unless HE tells you to! What I love about this is that it's not just directed to one "people group". I read so many blogs directed only to Mom's or Homeschoolers! I can come to yours and really be challenged in my spiritual thinking, my motives, my walk! Keep it up girlfriend!

  8. @TriciaThanks Tricia. I give God all the glory, honestly. I work with what He gives me and pray that it will have His desired effect.

  9. Rachel Allison says:

    And what do ya know, I feel the same way about my blog most of the time too. lol you're definitely not alone there! 🙂 I ask myself, is anyone reading? What should I do to get more commenting going on? What can I do to boost my views? And yet, I truly trust that the Lord is using me to impact people. But it's so hard to keep my focus on Him rather than popularity. Thanks for the reminder to continue on, even when the going seems tough and to look to Him rather than my own desires for attention(:

  10. @Rachel AllisonRachel, you're on point: our gaze has to be heavenward, else we'll give up. The enemy would use our flesh and circumstances to get us to doubt our purpose. We have to feed up on the Word and let the Holy Spirit lead us as we write. It's not by might or by power, but by the Spirit that we do this!

  11. I love this! Love your blog and I am listening. Amazing!

  12. @KEAZYKeazy, thanks for commenting… and listening. As we write what's on our hearts, it will have the desired effect on our readers. I really believe this!

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