I’m in safe hands

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a hard-core small-island girl when it comes to driving:  any trip that lasts more than 30 minutes seems interminably long to me.

On Sunday, I had to stretch beyond my comfort zone and drive much more than 30 minutes to the homegoing service of the husband of one of my very dearest friends.  No way would I not show up to support my ace in her hour of sorrow!  

But to do so, I had to drive.  Alone.  Far.  To a strange place.

Being the Mayor of Analville, I decided to prepare by printing directions from MapQuest, pulling up another set of directions on the iPad, and double confirming them on the GPS.  I finally settled on using the GPS, mostly because Ms. G (my pet name for the GPS) will announce all upcoming turns during the trip.

So, I placed myself in the hands of Ms. G to get me to the funeral and back.  I was fine while on familiar ground, but once I headed further north, I began to feel a little antsy.

  • What if she sends me on a longer route than necessary?
  • What if there are detours that weren’t envisaged?
  • What if…?

Of course, none of the “what ifs” manifested.  I got there just in time, and I got home without drama.

I knew there was a lesson (or three) in this experience.

  1. Clearly, I have control issues (smile if you know me or feel me!);
  2. I deeply fear getting lost, especially if I’m on my own; and
  3. I distrust the GPS’s ability to make good on her offer to direct me me from point A to point Z.

The more I thought about it, the more I recognized that I treat God much like I did the GPS.  I show little faith in His ability to honor the promises in His Word to me.  I try to wrestle control over my life from Him, even after agreeing time and again to submit to His will.

I often think of the Israelites’ wilderness trip and God’s provision of daily manna.  “Manna” translates roughly into “what is it?”  They weren’t sure what it was, but it fed them and kept them going.  

“He provides food for those who fear Him; He remembers His covenant forever.” Psalm 111:5

Much like depending on the GPS, we aren’t fully sure of what’s going on in our lives but, turn by turn, we get to where we’re going through God’s provision and protection–and in His timing!

How big is your God? 

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