I’m just not that into You

I wish I could find just one person bold enough to man up, tell the truth, and shame the devil:    

We’re just not that into God.  

Somebody.  Anybody! No takers?  Okay.

*Steps up to the mic*

I know I say that I love You,
And I have the right stance and words and head knowledge
I know scriptures inside out
I’ll pray anyone through their issues
I know when to praise and when to worship…
At least the symbols of what passes for praise and worship

But if I’m really honest…

I’m just not that into You

I’m not fully sold out like Paul or Martin Luther or Praying Hyde or Mother Teresa
Or whoever is the saint du jour

I let my stuff get in the way
Of Your stuff

You call, leave a message
I take my time to respond
But I find time for others

I agree to meet with You
Then I don’t show up
And offer a lame excuse

I’m holding back some
Breaking You off some… but not all
Letting You in some rooms of this, 
Your house, my spirit soul body
But keeping a few doors locked
Just for me and mine

I’ve been reaching for the cookies on the lower shelf
And I’ve been content with just that

Serving You my leftovers …
Is not a good look

But I really want 
To be a ride or die woman of God
To be rich toward my God and
To not let the little foxes spoil things between us
To narrow the gap between my “said” and my “did”
To finally show my flesh the corner where she needs to take a seat

Help me
Be fully invested in You
Stirred up, fired up, ready to go
Where you send me
When you send me
Free from the b.s. that currently consumes my mind and time
Rolling in Your deep

Truly, fully into You!


  1. This is deep. More people need to read it. I was really convicted. I start out feeling sold out then over days I get distracted.

  2. @Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty I think it's universal, Michelle; we mean well but we get tripped up (world/flesh/devil). For me, the key is to be aware of it and be intentional about carving out time and energy for His stuff.


  3. You're right about that. We schedule so much in our lives. We need to put God on that schedule and not reschedule!

  4. @Michelle @ Radiant Brown BeautyThat's straight talk right there, Michelle!

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