I’m a Liebster Award winner!

Hey guys!  After a tough week during which Embrace the Struggle was out of commission (yikes!) for a day, I’m back in the saddle.  Trust me, that “adventure” is a whole ‘nother blog post for whole ‘nother day. 😉

But today… I’m happy to be on the receiving end of the Liebster Award, bestowed upon me by my new blogging buddy, Tiffany at MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.  Thanks, Tiffany!


For inquiring minds pondering “what on earth is a Liebster Award?”, it’s given to fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers but who are considered up-and-coming in the blogosphere.  Mad props to all my sister bloggers who are in the trenches!  “We small but we Tallawah!”  (For non-Caribbean readers and bloggers, “Tallawah” is a patois word meaning “strong, sturdy, fearless, capable, not to be underestimated.”  You understand?  Or you overstand?)

Speaking of language and meanings, Liebster is a German word that can be translated as “sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”  And Tiffany thought this applied to me?  🙂  Just kidding; I’m super grateful to be awarded!

With privilege comes responsibility, so there are rules to be followed.  I have to answer Tiffany’s 11 questions.

Tiffany’s Questions:

  1. What motivates you to write?   Struggles I face and observations I make as God brings ideas to mind.
  2. What was your first car?  Gosh, I can’t remember the model!  It was a tiny white Mitsubishi car.
  3. How many hours do you devote to your blog on a daily basis?  If you include responding to comments, coming up with ideas, reading other blogs and commenting, and social media involvement, I’d say two hours per day.
  4. What was your first job?  My first job was as a bank clerk at age 17.
  5. What is your favorite type of TV show? I prefer comedy, but a good drama will draw me in, too.
  6. Where do you go for inspiration when you hit a writing wall? I tend to goof off when I hit a wall:  go play Mah Jong or JigZone, or hang out on Facebook.  It’s not true inspiration, but it gets me over the hump.
  7. If I pressed “play” on your iPod/iPhone or music player, what song would play? El DeBarge singing “Dindi.”
  8. Are you part of the Coffee Crew or Team Tea?  Team Tea all the way!  I can’t even stand to smell coffee.
  9. Which do you prefer…Twitter or Facebook?  Facebook!
  10. How often to you ‘Pin’?  I can go for quite a while and not pin, and then I have a Pinfest.  
  11. What was the last dessert/sweet you had?  Shortbread biscuits and chocolate chips.  Yum!

And My Nominees Are…

Drum roll, please!  I get to pass on the award to 11 deserving bloggers, whom I’ve selected because they have less than 200 BlogLovin followers:  

Ladies, by accepting your nomination, you agree to follow the rules below and can proudly post your award badge on your blog.


1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by your nominator.
3. Select 11 bloggers, each with under 200 subscribers, to be nominated for the award.
4. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Notify your nominees directly on their blogs.


My Questions:

  1. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  2. You’re forced to choose between buying shoes and buying makeup.  Which one wins?
  3. Which skill, or set of skill, do you still want to master?
  4. Which movie recently made you weep?
  5. What tidbit about you would surprise most of your blog readers?
  6. If I took away books and music from you, which would cause you to have withdrawal symptoms?
  7. What is a deal-breaker for you in friendships?
  8. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Which is your preferred mode of transportation?  Why?
  9. Who was your favorite musician when you were a teenager?
  10. Which subject did you hate the most in school?
  11. What fashion trend did you try out and live to regret?





  1. congratulations 🙂 I got one of these a while back. I’m so bad with the follow up tho.

    how do you like Blog Lovin? I signed up but that was it. Is it worth me to try and engage? So little time 🙁 But I do want to use my time wisely.
    Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty recently posted..Benefits of Using Olive Oil to Remove Eye MakeupMy Profile

    • BlogLovin is okay. I use it to supplement my Feedly reader for blogs that I follow. With everything it’s a matter of time, girl. I have to be selective about what I read blog-wise, else I’ll be online forever reading and commenting. LOL!

  2. Of Course I think those descriptions apply to you! Your wonderful! 🙂
    I need to get my time online down to 2 hours. That’s awesome! I have a tendency to get distracted reading blogs/posts and then try to catch up on what I was supposed to be doing.
    You had me at DeBarge and lost me at Tea…LOL I love his music but as almost everyone knows I’m coffee all the way (holding a cup in my lap as I type)…
    I’m so happy you decided to accept the nomination since you truly deserve it! xoxoxo
    Tiffany recently posted..Girl Scouts: 2 Daisies and A Leader…My Profile

    • LOL re: losing you re: tea! I just can’t get into coffee. I know I’m in the minority, but… it is what it is! Thanks again for thinking of me, Tiffany!

  3. Congrats Alison! Of course the description fits your lovely blog! Embrace it…haha!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..My Group Fitness Instructor is Better Than YoursMy Profile

  4. You completed my day with this nomination. I had not heard that particular definition of Liebster. Makes it all the more special. I love reading your Caribbean expressions! Glad your blog is back up and running. Have a good weekend, Alison!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted..Celebrities Who Need To Go Sit Down SomewhereMy Profile

  5. Congratulations Allison! Well deserved. So glad to have “met” you through this blogging world were in. I appreciate the nomination and gladly accept. I am beyond thrilled!
    Andrea recently posted..Blogging Politics: There are Levels to ThisMy Profile

  6. Thank you so much!! And I love your description of how we are up and coming bloggers. The world is our oyster isn’t it??
    Tamara recently posted..Fields of Gray: Truro, Part 2.My Profile

  7. SO FUN!!! This reminds me that I feel AWFUL I dropped the ball twice on this award- what to do now? I really need to honor it, so ashamed I never did. Ugh. I am so glad you received it, Alison!!! You are totally “Tallawah”!!! 🙂
    Chris Carter recently posted..Divorce Is Devastating…My Profile

  8. Thank you Alison! I absolutely love the questions that you came up with. I’ll try to participate. LOL to “Pinfest”. That happens to me to – if there’s someone to incorporate procrastination into the work “Pinfest” like Pinfestination that would be me.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..Man to Man…My Profile

  9. I love these, we get to find out so much about you. My guilty pleasure….two stepping, I’m from Kansas City and it’s a dance we’ve been doing for ages. I love to step, my husband can’t two step, I’m trying to teach him.
    Whitney recently posted..What’s Brewing At The CafeMy Profile

  10. Allison, wow, thank you! I love that I’ll be able to explore some new blogs. I will try to get this together, but I do have one question: Does it really have to be 11 blog nominations?!

  11. Congrats Alison on winning the award and I appreciate you passing it along to me. It was great to find out a little bit more about you. I’m with Michelle. I tied to be bad about following up on these. But I really appreciate you thinking of me.
    Wanda recently posted..The Friday Five: Inspiring ReadsMy Profile

  12. Congratulations on your Liebster!! 🙂
    I’m the same way about Pinterest. I’ll go a few days without pinning anything them BAM! I’ll have a pinfest! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Dream Come True #037: Happy Birthday, Ashley!My Profile

  13. Hey Alison! I LOVE that you did your research…I had no idea what Liebster meant. CONGRATS on your award lady!! Haha…you sound like me with the first car! My first car(which I shared with my older sister) was a Pacer. Some of you may be too young to remember that one. Lol! But, the first car that I actually owned was a Datsun B-210…IKR!! I know most of those gals on your list and I all I can say is that they’re all fabulous! Congrats again for “doing you well” this week my friend by winning this award! Thanks for linking up…have a lovely evening! 😉
    Michell recently posted..Michell’s Weekly PearlMy Profile

  14. Alison, congrats to you on the award. It’s well deserved. It is always such a delight to come visit you here and get to know you better. Thank you for nominating me. You are so kind my friend! I loved your questions! I’m not always very good on the follow through on these but I am so grateful to you for thinking of me. If I don’t follow through completely…I may still do something with your questions as I like how they provide a way to get to know each other better. Also…If I’m registered on bloglovin I have no clue how to use. hehe. Many blessings to you.
    Beth recently posted..For your SundayMy Profile

    • Blessings to you too, Beth. I probably was on Bloglovin for more than a year before I worked out how to benefit from it, so don’t feel bad about it. Looking forward to what you might choose to do with the questions.
      Alison recently posted..Bearing good fruitMy Profile

  15. Congratulations! and Thank you so much for the nomination, Alison. When I read your comment on my blog, it completed my long busy week . Thanks!

  16. Oh, I’m so happy that the nomination capped your week , Trinity! Excited to see what you have to share with us.
    Alison recently posted..Bearing good fruitMy Profile

  17. Better late than never (occasionally). Congrats on the award. I love the feel of this post…very light and fun. Sorry about your blog probs…so glad it’s resolved. It’s funny, I love the smell of coffee, but not so much the taste…although I love coffee flavor (just a hint of it though). I’m with you on the facebook and pinterest. Right now it seems I’m not dedicating enough hours to my blog… getting there 🙂

    Thanks so much for the nomination. Looking forward to getting my post up and answering your questions.
    Hope recently posted..Master of No Terrain: Well, maybe just one (Race Recap)My Profile

  18. It was a pleasure to nominate you, Hope! Glad you enjoyed the post, and I’m looking forward to reading yours.
    Alison recently posted..Bearing good fruitMy Profile

  19. Aww, thank you so much for the nomination! I have received a few of them, a while back, but it never hurts to spread the love. I will be receiving this and blogging about it for sure! Congratulations on receiving the award yourself!
    KalleyC recently posted..Random MondayMy Profile

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