I made a video!

Hey, not THAT kind of video!  Elevate your minds!  LOL!

I’m joining the blog-tacular Ms. Joi over at Rx Fitness Lady as she kicks off her second Mini Blog Challenge Party this week.  Check out her button at the bottom of my sidebar. Participants can post every day on a variety of topics, and today’s choices are (1) a blog commercial or (2) “Confessions of a Blogger.”  

Well, my confessions would take a year and fifty Sundays, so I figured a short video would do the trick.  This commercial piggybacks onto last week’s “Delighted to Meet You” post and the information in my About This Blog page.  

A huge shout-out to my girl Keris who produced, edited, and wrangled with this baby. Trust me, it was a labor, and not necessarily of love!  It left us at the corner of Dazed and Confused for a minute and beat our butts to a pulp, but voila, here it is!  

Go easy on me now; this isn’t fancy, but it took a lot out of me to put myself up here for the world to see!


  1. I tried to watch, but it says private… 🙁
    Eva recently posted..Frédéric Yonnet at Blues Alley #DC #FrenchGuianaMy Profile

  2. I got the same message as Eva.
    Wanda recently posted..Weekend Reads | The Friday FiveMy Profile

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing your video. I had to wrassle with mine, too. Learned a lot, tho. 🙂
    LydiaF recently posted..My First Blog Commercial {#MBC}My Profile

  4. I’ll fix it when I get to the office guys!
    Alison hector recently posted..I made a video!My Profile

  5. I’ll be back. It’s just a setting you need to uncheck in youtube.

  6. I LOVE it! Man! All the tremendous efforts on these commercial makes me feel like I took the easy way out.lol. I love your accent and the orange looks great on you! I guess you knew orange was your color…duh…your blog 😉 Great joy. Way to go Ali!!!
    Hope recently posted..I Peck… and I confess!My Profile

    • I’m excited to see them all, Hope. I’m grateful to Joi for pushing us outside our comfort zones. This sure was a stretch for me! I was a bit nervous doing it. Thanks for the love and positivity! I’ll be checking your post shortly.

  7. Simple and to the point. I like it! #mbc
    Andrea recently posted..Confessions of a Blogger: The Untold TidbitsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Andrea! Actually I wanted it to be even shorter, but I would have sounded like those commercials when they speed up the voice to include all of the fine print that they don’t want people to really hear. LOL!
      Alison recently posted..I made a video!My Profile

  8. Great job!! You look great and I love your message. I wish I could borrow your friend to do my next video!! ha ha ha!!
    Allie recently posted..VITA-MERICAL or My Blog CommercialMy Profile

  9. Kudos to Keris…I have one of those, My LITTLE SISTER 🙂 Aren’t they blessings! You both did an excellent job. I loved putting a voice with the words! I didn’t know you’d been blogging 2 years! Glad we finally met! Thanks for partying with the #MBC this time Alison!!!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..#MBC Par-TAY Time: Rx Fitness Lady CommercialMy Profile

    • My pleasure entirely, Joi. This mini blog party is such a great idea. Congrats for thinking of it and bringing it to fruition. We get to see the creativity and humor of so many other bloggers, to enjoy their posts, and to see the interaction between them and their readers in the comments. And, to top it off, we get to make new friends! Who could ask for anything more?
      Alison recently posted..I made a video!My Profile

  10. Okay – I went back, commented, liked, all that! Love the music and everything. The ending lyrics are perfect. Wonderful job! 🙂
    Eva recently posted..Parent Panel Topics: September 16, 2013My Profile

    • Hey, this is high praise from an expert! Your videos are so polished, Eva! It was fun putting it together. I need to master the editing part. We used my iPad to record it, but I want to learn how to use the laptop instead. I love trying new things!
      Alison recently posted..I made a video!My Profile

  11. Great video, Alison – you have such a calm presence that I would imagine is reflected in your writing too. Looking forward to reading now that I’ve met you!
    Dana recently posted..I’m vlogging today!My Profile

  12. Nice first impression! Wearing such a great color on video. And it matches your overall blog theme color. Love to hear more from you and to hear your voice for the first time. You rock!
    Tamara recently posted..Safe and Sound.My Profile

  13. You’re a natural! You have such a nice, soothing voice and a wonderful presence. I hope you do more. 🙂
    Shannon recently posted..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PROFESSOR!My Profile

    • Hey Shannon! Thanks, my dear. This was a baptism by fire because we couldn’t work out why the video wasn’t displaying the correct dimensions. Through trial and error, my friend was able to work it out. I do want to do more vlogging in the future. Who would have thought that I would be considering branching out in that direction?! LOL Thanks for all the support you give, Shannon! It is greatly appreciated.
      Alison recently posted..I made a video!My Profile

  14. Congrats. You have a wonderful presence.
    Rona B recently posted..Menu Plan Monday ~ September 16, 2013My Profile

  15. Dolores Williams-Bart says:

    You were great Alipuss, couldn’t tell that you were nervous. Keep up the fantastic works and you can always count on me for blessings and support.

  16. You were awesome Alison! I loved watching you! You look like a natural in front of the camera! 🙂
    KalleyC recently posted..It’s A Blog Party!!! & My First VlogMy Profile

  17. What a great video! I like that you have your own theme song. I am now wishing I had made a blog commercial seeing how well everyone’s turned out.

    • Hey Veronica, it’s not too late! I saw some people uploading theirs today. I doubt that Joi will mind if you complete it later in the week. But check wiht her. I know I submitted to Kimberly’s linky very late. Last week was pretty hectic for me so I was a bit behind.

  18. Great job with your blog commercial! So great to learn about you! You seem very relaxed in front of the camera.
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted..Life as an Introvert (And Why I Think You’re One Too!)My Profile

    • Britt, thanks so much. It was a lot of trial and error, and lots of takes! I need to learn more about the process of using Windows Movie Maker. All in good time!

  19. I didn’t realize you were my caribbean sister!! My family hails from Jamaica. LOVED your video! I agree with Britt, you look super relaxed!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..Nautilus Sweat In The City EventMy Profile

    • Hail up, sistren! I should have known you had island roots! The world is so small, Nellie, isn’t it?

      Girl, looks are deceiving! I was more than a little shaky and had to do several takes. I’m glad it at least looks like I’m relaxed.

      In the midst of embracing the struggle of getting this video done, I needed to find out if you recorded yours using your laptop and Windows Movie Maker. We had such a hard time doing it! We used the iPad and then the images came out looking super wide and we couldn’t get it fixed. I nearly gave up, but my friend Keris was finally able to re-edit the whole thing at the very last minute. What an experience! I kept telling her: “But Nellie said it took her next to no time!” LOL Well, I can laugh now; believe me I was far from laughing while we were in the throes of it all.

  20. You even have a theme song for your blog! I sooooo need that! Love the video and I’m glad you were able to step out of your comfort zone to get it done! 🙂
    Britton recently posted..Confessions of a BloggerMy Profile

  21. Hey Alison … making a video? Wow! You are courageous and brave! You go, girl …
    Linda@Creekside recently posted..colorblindMy Profile

  22. LOVE your accent Alison…super adorable! Yeah right, you’ve never done a video?! You could have fooled me…you looked like a pro up there girl! Great video! I chickened out and just did words and music for my video, lol!
    Michell recently posted..Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #33My Profile

  23. I’ve done videos before, Michell, but it’s been a while. I was looking for your face and voice in yours, my dear, but I certainly did enjoy it and your son is the consummate professional. He did a great job!
    Alison recently posted..I made a video!My Profile

  24. Wow! I’m want to get to the point where I can share a video. Pray, pray, pray! I’m not there yet. I really enjoyed the video. You are so encouraging!
    Trinity recently posted..Happy Sunday!My Profile

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