Monday Melody – A Heart Like Mine

I’m back at work.  *Sigh*  I got spoiled  for three weeks, surrounded by family and friends.  But don’t get it twisted; I’m very grateful for my job, especially in the current economic climate.

Song/Album: “A Heart Like Mine” by Bryan Duncan on the compilation album “My Utmost For His Highest.”   

Why it made the cut:  This song was my introduction to Bryan Duncan.  Wow!  I was blown away by the big voice coming from a relatively little guy, but even more so by the punch of the lyrics describing the immeasurable grace extended by a holy God to frail and sin-sick humans.  

Stripped down to the basics–a beautiful voice, non-intrusive accompaniment, and a simple message of redemption and spiritual commitment–this song carries us into deep worship of the God who places a high premium on the lives of each of His children.

Artist:  Bryan Duncan’s music career began in the 1970s during the Jesus Music era with the Sweet Comfort Band and segued into a prolific solo turn that has lasted more than a quarter century.  A songwriter, vocalist, and keyboardist, Bryan has accumulated three Dove Awards and numerous nominations, has sold more than one million records, and has released 15 solo albums. 

He hosts a nonprofit online radio show, “Radio Rehab,” and is the author of two books.  A third, a devotional titled “Spoke to God; He Said. . . ,” was released two months ago.

But don’t let the mellowness of “A Heart Like Mine” and the pristine clarity of his voice and enunciation fool you.  Although he more than does justice to reflective tunes (see My Utmost For His Highest:  Quiet Prayers), the real Bryan is at his best bringing the madness and quirkiness to his music.  I should know; I’ve seen him live in concert several times, including on a Western Caribbean cruise.

Favorite lyrics:
A heart like mine
How could it be worthy that You’d find
A way to redeem this hardened clay
Twisted and broken
Oh Father God above
The wonder that You’d love
A heart like mine

Sweet spot:  The vamp at 2:47, which swells to a soaring revisit of the chorus just before the end of the song.

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