Monday Melody – Ancient of Days

One weekend without electricity does not a happy camper make.  I’m just sayin’…  The storm woke me up on Friday night and has kept the DC metro area in the dark ever since.  Fortunately, in my neighborhood we’ve finally seen light after 48 hours of various challenges.  Yippee!!

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Song/Album: “Ancient of Days” by Ron Kenoly on the album Lift Him Up.

Why it made the cut:  I’m an island girl, so anything with a lot of percussion, a strong bass line, and great harmonies gets my attention.  Cue “Ancient of Days” from worship master Dr. Ron Kenoly, bringing a soulful yet playful vibe to a modern hymn of praise.  

This song is almost 20 years old, but it’s as fresh today as it was back in the day.  I love to play it in the morning during my quiet time (well, it’s not so quiet once I start dancing and singing along!)  Hands are raised and I’m swaying in the spiritual breeze, giving God His props.  It’s a great praise song for personal times of worship, but it’s just as powerful in corporate worship settings. 

Ron assembled some of the best musicians in Christian music for Lift Him Up, including the incredible Abraham Laboriel on bass guitar (check out the live performance).  The flute, percussion, horn section, and massive choir all lead you into an unforgettable worship experience in which the Ancient of Days described in Daniel 7:9 is front and center of our praise. 

Artist:  Before Israel Houghton and Fred Hammond brought praise and worship to the 21st century church, Ron Kenoly paved the way.  This Kansas native segued from a career in the military into a stint as an R & B singer before becoming a full-time praise and worship leader and mentor. 

Interestingly, Ron says that when his mother, Edith, was pregnant with him, she would rub her stomach and pray:  “Lord, let this one praise You!”  Looks like her prayer was answered! 

But before winning many accolades as the #1 worship leader in the 1990s, Kenoly led worship at Jubilee Christian Center in California and later became the church’s music pastor.  He began serving as the church’s music ambassador, helping other churches worldwide develop their music ministries.

In 1999, Ron relocated his ministry to Central Florida, from where he continues to travel, speak, and sing globally.  He was led by God to start the Academy of Praise, a mentoring program for praise and worship leaders and those involved in Christian music.  His goal is to take the academy worldwide. 

“God desires His people to be in His presence,” he says.  “What I do is just a 21st-century approach to getting God’s people back to His presence through worship.”  Amen!

Favorite lyrics:
Every tongue in heaven and earth
Shall declare Your glory
Every knee shall bow at Your throne in worship
You will be exalted, oh God
And Your kingdom shall not pass away
Oh Ancient of Days!

Sweet spots: The flute interlude beginning at 2:51, followed by the clapping and percussion jam starting at 3:12, then the second flute solo at 3:48, and the bass solo at 4:25.  Can’t leave out that “Hallelujah!” shoutout at 4:35 and the horns that break in at 4:46.  Tune!!

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