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Am I glad that we’re back on Daylight Saving Time!  Springing forward is a good thing:  more light, more daytime hours, and a reminder that spring is on the way!

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Song/Album: “Blessed” by Rachael Lampa on the album “Live For You.”

Why it made the cut:   From the first notes to the vocal crescendo toward the end, “Blessed” draws you into a praise party that can literally change the atmosphere.  I remember hearing this song for the first time and marveling at the vocal dexterity of this little girl and how God was using her to create gratitude in our hearts.  

As Rachael paints a panorama of the life challenges we might or might not face, she makes a clear and passionate call to remember how blessed we are to be in relationship with the living God.  The backing choir brings a rousing gospel edge to a song that is very difficult to forget, both for its content and its delivery.

Artist:Rachael Lampa hit paydirt at age 15 when her first album, “Live For You,” exploded onto the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) scene in 2000.  The album garnered the Michigan-born singer a Dove Award and four #1 hits, including “Blessed.”

Her piercing, pop-laced vocals, echoing the sound of a young Mariah Carey, have endeared her to audiences worldwide.  The singer, songwriter, record producer, and sometime actress has sung with Aaron Neville, Destiny’s Child, Boyz II Men, Amy Grant, and Jordin Sparks.

Around 2006 Rachael, in her own words, “stepped away from the spotlight and invested more time with my family and friends.”  Since then she’s put out two more albums; her most recent one, “All We Need,” was released in September 2011.

Favorite lyrics:
I am blessed, I am blessed
From when I rise up in the morning
Til I lay my head to rest
I feel You near me
You soothe me when I’m weary
Oh Lord, 
For all the worst and all the best
I am blessed

Sweet spot:   Everything from 2:37 onward.

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