Monday Melody – For Such A Time As This

February is on its way out in this leap year, and we are on the cusp of the third month of the year.  Is anyone as surprised as I am at how quickly 2012 is moving?  Let’s make every moment count, guys!  We’re not guaranteed a second chance.

Song/Album: “For Such A Time As This” by Crystal Lewis on the album “Gold.”

Why it made the cut:   Crystal Lewis delivers a haunting call on this track to contemplate the state of our union with God.  The song never fails to jolt me out of spiritual complacency.

Especially in countries where we don’t face serious persecution or many overt challenges to our beliefs, it’s easy to stay in our lanes and not step it up spiritually.  It’s hard, however, to listen to this song and remain in my comfort zone. 

The song’s title reminds us of Mordecai’s admonition to Queen Esther that we are placed where we are, when we are, to do great exploits for God, not to rest on our laurels.  Hmmm… Much food for thought!

Artist:  Crystal Lewis is perhaps one of the most influential and distinctive voices in Christian music.  The diminutive singer/songwriter, called “the little diva” (in the good sense of the word!) by some, commands our ears to pay attention to anything she sings, whether in English or, as she has often done, in Spanish.  

Crystal put out her first solo album nearly 25 years ago, and the hits have rolled out ever since.  Most people associate her with the song “People Get Ready, Jesus Is Coming,” off of her “Beauty for Ashes” album of 1996.  “People Get Ready” was the #1 song of Christian music that year, and the album went gold.  

Her collaboration with Kirk Franklin on “Lean On Me,” along with Bono, Mary J. Blige, and R. Kelly, catapulted her to national attention and a performance of the song at the 1999 Grammy Awards.

Crystal continues to make great music, guys.  Check out her Christmas album, “Holiday!” and her most recent album,  2011’s “Plain and Simple.”

Favorite lyrics:
Sometimes the thrill of soaring
Has to begin with the fear of falling!

Sweet spot:   The bridge at 3:24 and the final chorus that follows.

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