Monday Melody – Give Me

Greetings from sunny St. Kitts!  Had a marvelous weekend celebrating my cousin’s big birthday with family here in our Land of Beauty.  Blessed be the ties that bind!  Cherish your families, guys; they are a blessing to be enjoyed fully
Song/Album:  “Give Me” by Kirk Franklin (featuring Mali Musicon the album Hello Fear.
Why it made the cut:   A friend gave me Hello Fear back in August.  I made it to track 8, “Give Me,” and was literally stuck there for days (still am!), struck by the beauty and complexiplicity, to use Mali Music’s word, of the tune.  

The piano underpinning the entire song, the call to arms in typical Kirk style, the harmonies midway through, and the compelling interpretation of the lyrics by Mali, who I was introduced to on this track, make “Give Me” one of Kirk Franklin’s best tunes ever.

“Give Me” is part prayer for imperishable spiritual meat (righteousness, peace, joy, love) and part fire and brimstone sermon.  It’s a call to trim the fakeness and the fat from the church and get back to worshiping God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.  Powerful stuff!  Gimme dat! 

Artist:  Innovator.  Genius.  Trailblazer.  Over the last 20 years, Kirk Franklin has embodied each of those words through a career that has brought the message of Jesus to a new generation in a fresh way.

Bucking the system, Franklin moved gospel music from the confines of tradition, merging gospel with R & B and hip-hop but always placing the name of Jesus at the center of his lyrics.  “I spread the word of God through my music,” he says, “and that’s how souls are won—regardless of where it’s heard.”

This Fort Worth, Texas, native’s innate talent was obvious from a tender age.  By age seven, he had been offered a recording contract; by age 11, he was leading the adult choir at his church.  “Could you imagine someone that young telling their elders they were singing wrong?” he says.

Beginning with 1993’s Kirk Franklin and the Family, which spawned the hit “Why We Sing,” a tsunami of accolades–and controversy–would carry Kirk through several urban gospel choirs (The Family, God’s Property, One Nation Crew) to a solo career marked by collaborations with a variety of gospel and secular artists.

The songwriter, record producer, music director, and author has garnered seven Grammys, 35 Stellar Awards, 11 Dove Awards, five NAACP Image Awards, two BET Awards, and an American Music Award, With 12 albums under his belt, Kirk has now turned to executive producing BET’s Sunday Best gospel talent series.

Favorite lyrics:
Give me that God who breathed life
Into the nostrils of man
The sovereign God who predestined 
Creation before time began
I want the God who with brilliance and elegance
Decorated darkness with stars
The God who orchestrates the future
At the same time He knows where you are

Sweet spots: Oh boy!  Where to start!  How about at 3:06, 3:53, 4:38, 5:25, and 5:59?

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