Monday Melody – God Is Here

It’s April, baby!  I know I’m getting old because I didn’t even think to punk anyone on All Fools’ Day!  LOL!  

More important, it’s Easter week, the ultimate reminder of the victory in which we walk because of Jesus’s sacrifice at Calvary.

Song/Album: “God is Here” by  Martha Munizzi on the album “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

Why it made the cut:  You guys know I’ve talked about my comfort song and my go-to song.  Well, this is my “holy presence” song.  The Holy Spirit truly calms and restores me through Martha’s singing and ministry in this song. 

The sanctuary that she sings about doesn’t need to be a in a church; it can be my prayer closet, my office, the car… hey, even a bathroom stall!  The message of the song is that we are always invited into God’s presence in the midst of our heaviness of heart.  

Jehovah Shamma is the ever-present one who protects and defends us as we traverse life’s rushing waters.  Emmanuel–literally, God with us–lifts the heavy burdens of despair, depression, and oppression.  I’m a witness!

What a mighty God we serve!  He is here!   

Artist: Martha Munizzi grew up, along with her twin sister Mary Alessi and older sister Marveline, in Central Florida with parents who were travelling evangelists. In their teens, the sisters formed a praise and worship band that ministered across Florida at church events.

Martha and her husband Dan, who would later become her manager, served as musical directors at a church in Orlando, Florida, for eight years and saw that church grow exponentially by God’s grace from 250 members to over five thousand.

Martha’s solo career began in earnest in 2002 with the album “Say The Name” and really took off with the release of “The Best Is Yet To Come” in 2003.  She is now hailed, along with other Christian artists like Israel Houghton and CeCe Winans, as one of the architects of cross-cultural praise and worship, uniting black and white congregations and appealing to the masses while breaking down generational and cultural walls.

The award-winning worship leader’s latest album, “Make It Loud,” came out last year and featured the debut songwriting effort of her daughter, Danielle.  

Martha and Dan spearheaded the “Experience a Passionate Intimate  Connection” with God (EPIC) movement in 2009.  The aim of EPIC is to lift the name of Jesus in impromptu seasons of worship and intimacy, and EPIC worship has really taken flight and ignited the hearts of worshipers in many churches. 

Favorite lyrics:

He is here 
To heal the hopeless heart 
And bless the broken
Come and lay down 
The burdens you have carried
For in this sanctuary 
God is here

Sweet spots:   From 4:41 forward.  Martha truly knows how to bring worshipers into a place of deep worship and intimacy with God.

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