Monday Melody – Good News

I’m off to Saint Kitts (aka sweet Sugar City) today, guys!  I’ll enjoy Christmas and birthday in the sun, with great fun, for all of you. 😉  Don’t hate!  Be happy for me!  I’ll be sure to give you a shout out from paradise!

Song/Album: “Good News” on the album “Joy– A Christmas Collection” by Avalon.

Why it made the cut:  I’ve got to be honest:  I’m a little worn out with the traditional Christmas songs and carols.  I need something new!  Enter this track, featuring the spot-on vocals of Jody McBrayer and Michael Passons in a haunting melody surrounded at the end by a choir that soars and buttresses the lead singers to perfection.  

This CD is in heavy rotation right now for all the right reasons:  an eclectic, joyful mix of  Christmas music, smooth arrangements, and the vocal delights of each member of Avalon.  But in addition, the song does exactly what I want this December to be all about at Embrace the Struggle.  It places the focus on Jesus and the reality that the good news of His birth meant the Good News of salvation for us all.  Behold, a baby boy!

Artist:  The timeless Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) of the four-member group Avalon has been a musical inspiration of mine for many years with its tight harmonies and daring song choices.  Formed back in 1995, Avalon has amassed 21 top singles, six Dove awards, three Grammy nominations, and even an American Music Award.  I rank the group as my favorite CCM quartet.

Avalon has gone through many member changes; currently, alto Janna Potter-Long is the only remaining original member.  I personally think the first configuration of members (Potter/Passons/McBrayer/Hassman) was the strongest;  yet, Avalon continues to put out catchy, relevant lyrics and melodies that appeal to a broad range of musical tastes.

Favorite lyrics:
Bow you head and on bended knee
Hear the story once again
The Child grew up to wear a cross
A Child grew up to pledge a life
For us a time of joy
Behold, Christ, a baby boy!

Sweet spot: 4:43 to the end. 

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