Monday Melody – Grace Grace Grace

It’s Monday.  I feel like I just put in two full days of hard work.   But … I had a great lunch with some wonderful sisters in Christ on Saturday.  Some bonds can never be broken, despite the passage of time.  I don’t take the gift of friendship lightly.  It is a blessing straight out of God’s hand.

Song/Album: “Grace Grace Grace” by Lisa McClendon on the album Soul Music.

Why it made the cut:   Before hearing this track, I had never thought of God’s grace literally following us around, especially as we emerge from hard situations.  Lisa McClendon’s take on the power of grace to seek out, surround, save, change, and restore us gives me pause for thought.

Add to that message the mellow groove, the neo-soul vibe, and the worshipful tone, and you have a unique method for God’s message of redemption to reach a wide spectrum of music listeners. Lisa’s inspirational-contemporary-gospel mix is a breath of fresh air in the world of Christian music!

Artist: Stellar and Dove Award nominee Lisa McClendon’s fusion of jazz, soul, and funk brought gospel neo-soul music to the fore beginning in the early part of the last decade.  

McClendon, a Jacksonville, FL native and pastor’s kid, began writing poetry in her mid teens.  Her distinctive voice and jazz-tinged interpretations have brought her acclaim and comparisons to singers like Lauryn Hill, India Arie, and Jill Scott.

This mom of 10 is a mentor and guest speaker, with a particular emphasis on reaching out to young girls.  Lisa is the founder and president of Girls LIFE with Lisa McClendon, a calling that gives her the opportunity to share her experiences as a survivor of sexual abuse as a means of encouraging and supporting young girls going through similar situations.  

Lisa is also the founder of Saving Individuals In Need through Giving (SIING), a non-profit organization that encourages local communities to feed and support the homeless and less fortunate and to raise funds for My Sisters’ Keepers, an organization started by CeCe Winans.

Lisa and her husband, Pastor Maurice Brailsford, lead the LIFE Center Church in Charlotte, NC.

Favorite lyrics:

But just in case you don’t do well
The first time around
Listen for God’s voice crying out
Oh grace!
Sweet spot:  The vamp from 2:59, especially the guitar solo, right down to the end of the song.


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