Monday Melody – He Wants It All

What an awesome weekend, weather-wise!  It felt like late summer instead of mid-autumn.  Took a walk outside in the neighborhood yesterday and was in awe of the beauty of fall and of all of God’s handiwork.  Let’s enjoy every facet of all four seasons, guys!

Song/Album:  “He Wants It All” by Forever JONES on the album Get Ready.
Why it made the cut:  When I heard that Forever JONES was the artist singing this song, I immediately thought it was a girl whose first name was Forever.  LOL!  The seven-member family band Forever JONES (parents DeWitt III and Kim, plus their five children) is responsible for this gem of a song.  Oldest daughter D’Jeniele Jones-Hooton wrote it, and second daughter Dominique Jones is the lead singer.

When I first bought “He Wants It All,” I’d put it on repeat all the way to work and back.  It meant that much to me.  The lyrics brought a sense of conviction (not condemnation) about how much of my life is still under my control rather than God’s.  It caused me to reassess whether I was merely saved but not truly lorded by Christ.

The piano-driven melody and Dominique’s crystal clear voice and the intensity of her delivery gave added power to the simple yet heart-searching lyrics.  I pray that we take seriously God’s claim on all areas of our lives!

Artist:  Forever JONES hearkens back to gospel music families like the Hawkins and the Winans, but this blend of parents DeWitt III and Kim Jones and their children D’Jeniele, DeWitt IV, Dominique, Judah, and Mya delivers a heady mix of gospel, pop, R&B;, and soul.

The group emerged in 2010 with its first album, Get Ready, and the #1 radio hit, “He Wants It all,” but the elder Joneses have been involved in gospel music for some three decades, beginning back in their home state of Washington.  

Get Ready, produced by veteran producer music Tommy Simms and on which Mom and Dad Jones co-wrote six of the songs, earned Forever JONES two Grammy nominations, three Dove Award  nominations, and won them a Stellar Award for best contemporary group.

“We are a living miracle,” says Kim.  “Any time I stand on any stage with my children is an amazing moment and reminder of God’s faithfulness to me and my family.”

Forever JONES new album, Music Revival, came out in the spring of 2012.

Favorite lyrics:
Love me, love me with your whole heart,
He wants it all today
Serve me, serve me with your life now
He wants it all today
Bow down, let go of your idols
He wants it all today, He wants it all today
He wants it all
Sweet spot: The vamp beginning around 2:03.


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