Monday Melody – I Choose to Worship

Thought I’d be in Florida this holiday weekend but Hurricane Isaac put a monkey wrench in my plans, so I’m here chilling in Atlanta with one of my best friends, resting from my labors on this Labor Day.  Enjoy it, guys!

Song/Album: “I Choose To Worship” by Wess Morgan on the album Under An Open Heaven.

Why it made the cut:  “I Choose to Worship” is a rallying cry for those of us in tight spaces and protracted struggles.  Wess Morgan flips the script, challenging us to focus on God and away from our issues if we truly want to find deliverance and healing.

I believe what draws listeners to the song is the fact that Wess isn’t just singing; he’s delivering his testimony of how he got over.  As he ministers this stirring anthem to the power of praise and worship in a believer’s life, we, too, become animated and enter worship mode, lifting our eyes to Him who is unseen and whose goodness is worthy of our eternal praise.

As Wess has been known to say, “worship is everything to do with a choice and nothing to do with a feeling.”  Guys, let’s agree to worship God in spite of what we’re going through. God, give us the tenacity to hold on when the storms come, believing that “You’re healing me, I’m going to worship!”

Artist:   A poster boy for God’s awesome redemption, Pastor Wess Morgan’s story is the stuff of legend.  The son of two pastors, Wess began drinking and using drugs as early as age 10.  Life plummeted downhill from there, including several stints in jail and rehab, and at one point, his parents lost custody of him.

A head-on car crash while drugged up that critically injured his passenger-friends was the catalyst for Morgan’s 180-degree turn from violent crackhead to pastor, worship leader, and gospel singer.  The years the locusts had eaten have been mercifully restored, and he has been clean from drugs ever since.

The “guy in the bow tie” has been embraced by the gospel music community, and his Rocky Balboa-esque story of God’s miraculous turnaround of his life continues to be a tremendous inspiration to many.

Wess’s two CDs, Look At Me Now and Under An Open Heaven, have been very well received.  He has established the Wess Morgan Foundation, the aim of which is to reach out to young people in particular to prevent them from pursuing the path of drug and alcohol addiction.

Favorite lyrics:  

He’s healing me!  I’m going to worship!

Sweet spot: When Wess ministers from 2:06 to 2:51, and the very end of the song.

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