Monday Melody – I’m At Peace

Song/Album: “I’m At Peace” by  Vicki Yohe on the album “I’m At Peace.”

Why it made the cut:   I think what draws me to this song,  even more than the title, is the contrast it draws between the reality of our circumstances and the position we occupy in Christ in the midst of those circumstances.  We are to be at peace even when all hell is breaking loose because we are in the hands of the One who is in control of it all, including hell.

Notice two things:  We can expect a touch from God in the midst of our trials, and the storm will eventually pass.  It’s just a season.  Thank God!

Vicki’s heartfelt ministering of “I’m At Peace,” as she weaves her own personal testimony into the lyrics, makes this a memorable song to turn to when all around us seems to be in shambles.

Artist: “I’m At Peace” is the 10th album by Vicki Yohe, whose big voice and blue-eyed soul sound draw thousands into the presence of God as she worships in song.  

I heard Vicki first in the late 1990s and was blown away by the power and intensity of her vocals.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing her in concert several times, and she is as compelling and dynamic in live performances as she is in her recordings.

Vicki is a Dove and Stellar award nominee who has become famous for such songs as “Mercy Seat,”  “Something About My Praise,” “He’s Been Faithful,” and “Because of Who You Are.”  She has led worship alongside many well known pastors, such as T.D. Jakes, Paula White, and Benny Hinn.

Most important, in 2005, Vicki established New Destiny for Children, a missions project in Jinja, Uganda, aimed at providing a safe harbor for displaced orphans in that East African country.

Favorite lyrics:
I’m at peace
Even though my heart is breaking
I’m at peace
I never thought I would be shaken
But You came and laid Your hands on me and now
I can see:  my storm has moved away

Sweet spot:   Vicki ministers powerfully throughout this song, but from 2:26 onward, it’s like the Holy Spirit takes over and propels the song into another dimension.

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