Monday Melody – In the Name of the Lord

There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all for a few days!  Spent a long weekend at a bed and breakfast/spa retreat.  I highly recommend this type of break to you all, guys.  I feel like a new woman!  Yet, I managed to fall out of a hammock.  LOL!  Clumsy much?  

Song/Album: “In the Name of the Lord” by Jon Gibson on the album Body and Soul.

Why it made the cut:   You can depend on Jon Gibson to bring some unique ear candy to the table.  This veteran of the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) genre does not fail with “In the Name of the Lord,” a keyboard-driven gem that places a relationship with the true and living God first and foremost.  

With Bill Wolfer on keyboards (LOVE the interlude in the second half of the song!), the insistent chorus of “Jesus!”, the steady hand-clapping, and Jon’s searing vocals and ad libs, you can’t help but do a spiritual inventory of your own.

I love that this song, written by Gibson, is part salvation invitation and part self-check for believers:  are you truly in Christ?  The song also clearly lays out the path to hearing from God:  through Christ the Lord.   Listen up, guys!

Artist:  Jon Gibson’s voice invariably stirs up comparisons to Stevie Wonder, his idol, but once you get beyond the eerie similarity of their voices, you recognize that you’re listening to one of CCM’s greatest artists.

With more than 22 top #5 CCM hits and nine #1 hits, plus enviable songwriting and instrumental skills, Jon has been part of the Christian music landscape for nearly 30 years.

After passing through a turbulent adolescence and a short stint overseas in the Army, Jon returned home to San Francisco to find that his Dad had become a Christian.  Jon quickly followed suit and was baptized by his dad in their bathtub!

Jon pioneered Christian rap in the late 1980s with a then unknown MC Hammer.  Their hit song “The Wall” opened doors back then for the success that today’s Christian rappers enjoy.

Story TellerJon’s 10th official album, was released digitally this month, and the CD drops in August.

Favorite lyrics:

Do you know Him?
(Do you know your God?)
Can you feel Him?
(Can you feel your God?)
Can you see Him doing things in your life?
Well if you don’t, you’ve got the wrong one, then!

Sweet spot:  From 3:40 through 4:10 and right down to the end of the song.  The keyboard solo by Bill Wolfer from 2:46 to 3:22 is off the chain!

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