Monday Melody – Life is hard (God is good)

Song/Album: “Life is Hard (God is Good)” by  Pam Thum on the album Feel the Healing.

Why it made the cut:   Pam Thum’s signature song should be an anthem for all of us going through life’s challenges.  The song endears listeners because they can relate to the simple lyrics, which paint a candid picture of the pain and difficulty of life, yet point to the One who remains constant through the storms of life.

With an uncluttered, piano-driven arrangement, this song allows Pam’s emotive style to bring us to a recognition of the kindness of the Lord in our lives.   We can hear the pain in her voice, yet the joy of experiencing God’s goodness first hand.  He is, indeed, good!


Artist:  Pam Thum was one of the rising stars of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) in the 1990s.  The only child of evangelist parents, Pam learned of and experienced a close relationship with Jesus from a young age.  She began writing music early in her life and decided to undertake music ministry as her career.

“I wanted them to feel the peace I did when I sang to God, ” she says.  “I wanted them to feel as though Jesus were hugging  them through my music.”

Pam has been able to achieve that goal through all five of her albums and the numerous awards for which she has been nominated.  Her latest album, “Courageous,” came out in 2007.

Favorite lyrics:  

In the silence of all that you face
God will give you His mercy and grace

Sweet spot: The vamp beginning at 2:18.


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