Monday Melody – Lucky Ones (Lecrae)

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 “Lucky Ones” by Lecrae on the album Gravity.

Why it made the cut:

 I’ve been dragging my feet for months regarding buying Gravity, but Lecrae’s Grammy win last Sunday was the tipping point for me.  Boy, am I glad I bought it!

Gravity is my first full Christian rap/hip-hop album, and it has opened up a whole new world sonically and lyrically.  It’s a concept album inspired by the book  of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, and it brings Solomon’s laments on the frailty and seeming futility of life to the 21st century.

But “Lucky Ones” grabbed me with the gentle, melancholy hook by Rudy Currance, juxtaposed with the blunt, in-your-face rhymes that Lecrae has perfected into poetry.  And what a poem!  As Lecrae explains, Christians may be seen as the lucky ones, but we are simply the recipients of a grace that defies description.  The status of “lucky one” isn’t a prideful presumption; rather, it’s the result of recognizing, with deep gratitude, the grace by which we stand.  

The blend of piano, played by Currance, and French horn, played by Danika Lukasiewicz, brings a somber, pensive atmosphere to what truly is a celebration of our position as children of God’s promises. “They can’t measure this kind of love!”

lecrae 1Artist:

Seen as the great Christian hope of hip-hop music, Lecrae Moore’s ascent to poster boy for Christian rap has been a steady climb from a rocky beginning.  

By his own admission, the Houston native was sucked into gang life and its attendant drug and alcohol use in his late teens.  A fateful invitation to a Bible study triggered the 180-degree turn that led to him become Lecrae, the sold-out for Jesus rapper.  “To my surprise, I saw people that loved God, but they were not square or rigid, ” he says.  “They were just people like me. Their character was just different. They were loving, and that’s really what drew me in.”

Lecrae’s desire to impact urban culture for Christ led him to minister to youth in various settings.  In his mid-20s, he established his record label, Reach Records, as well as Reach Ministries.  Their life verse is Romans 1:16: ““For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.”  

With Gravity, his sixth studio album, Lecrae has used his life experiences and Christian worldview to present Christ as an alternative to the negative messages in much of mainstream hip-hop and rap.  “Generally, people just talk about (an) issue and how they don’t like it.  Rarely do people paint pictures of hope, and that’s what I tried to do with this album.”

Favorite lyrics:
I’ve questioned your ways, every question I raised
Is foolishness compared to mountains, the wind, and the waves
You’re so mindful of us, we rise from the dust
You love these cheating, beating hearts and these eyes full of lust
Gave us power to fight it, though we cower in quiet
We have the faith to start a riot; how can we deny it?

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