Monday Melody – Made to Love

Song/Album: “Made to Love” by TobyMac on the album Portable Sounds.

Why it made the cut:   TobyMac brings his signature vocals to “Made to Love,” a song that calls us to rise above spiritual lethargy and remember our core value as believers:  love.

This song-poem jolts me into recognizing that the equilibrium in my relationship with God might be off.  I’m encouraged to shake myself out of complacency and to get back into the struggle with zeal.  

Am I walking in love, remembering the Father who loves me unconditionally and calls me to love others the same way?

Can I say like TobyMac that I’d give up or give away anything and everything for the Lord?  May we all be able to say that with sincerity!

Artist: Few Christian artists have been blessed with as incredible a career and trajectory as Toby McKeehan, better known as TobyMac.  Beginning with his 13-year stint as part of the pioneer Christian hip hop/rap/pop/rock group DC Talk, TobyMac has been on the cutting edge of Christian music for more than a quarter century.

The Virginia native, whose talents go beyond singing to include producing, songwriting, book writing, and serving as founder and president of Gotee Records, has sold more than three million albums on his own and eleven million in all.

“Every line I write, I’m thinking about how to serve humankind, whether they’re people who share in the faith I have or not,” he says.

TobyMac continues to enjoy Christian and mainstream acclaim, including five Grammy Awards and numerous Dove Awards.  His new album, Eye on It, was released on August 28 and with it, he became the third Christian artist to have a No.1 debut on Billboard’s Top 200 chart.

Favorite lyrics:

I feel the haters spittin’ vapors on my dreams
But I still believe!
I’m reaching out, reachin’ up, reachin’ over
I feel a breeze cover me called Jehovah
And Daddy, I’m on my way!
Sweet spot:  From 2:06 to 2:51 and on to the end.

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