Monday Melody – Mary, Did You Know

Two week to go to celebrate the wonder of Jesus’s birth, the true reason for the season!  So … how about we use the last few Mondays of 2011 to draw attention to Christmas songs that remind us that it’s all about Him, the Savior of the World? 

Song/Album: “Mary, Did You Know?” on the album “Michael English” by Michael English.

Why it made the cut:  I give Mark Lowry and Buddy Green props for writing a song that perfectly contrasts the trajectory of Jesus’s life with the marvel that must have filled Mary as she held her firstborn, knowing what all had been prophesied about Him.  For Mark to pass this song to his buddy, Michael English, who has since immortalized it, is selfless and truly a God move.  

The song brings pathos to the Christmas story by helping us to consider what Mary might have been thinking about baby Jesus, in light of what would occur in His life.  It causes me to praise the God who would use a teenage girl as part of His plan to send His Son to earth for our redemption.   We serve a God of miracles!

Artist: Few singers bring as much passion and power to their music as the legendary Michael English.  The darling of early 1990s Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and winner of 14 Dove Awards nosedived into a season of ostracism from Christian music after an extramarital affair was revealed and he succumbed to addictions and legal woes.  

Yet, by God’s grace, this sought-after, gifted vocalist and riveting performer would rise like a phoenix and reclaim his position as the voice of Christian blue-eyed soul.  Now once again singing with the Gaither Vocal Band, the Prodigal is back home and enjoying the blessings of life as Father God planned it!

Favorite lyrics:
Did you know that your baby boy
Is Heaven’s perfect lamb?
And the sleeping child you’re holding
Is the great I AM!

Sweet spot: The entire song, but especially 1:38 and 2:25.  Glory! 

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