Monday Melody – My Everything [Praise Waiteth]

Hard to believe we enter February this week. Wasn’t I just back home celebrating Christmas? As time marches on, let’s choose to continue to serve a God who is in control of everything … including a year that seems to be speeding by!

Song/Album: “My Everything [Praise Waiteth]” by Richard Smallwood on the album “Persuaded.”

Why it made the cut:   “My Everything” brings me into a clear understanding that God is my all in all.  The simplicity and directness of the lyrics leave me in no doubt that without Him; I’d be toast.  

This musical rendering of Psalm 65 reminds me that I should always create a storehouse of praise for God, especially in light of His goodness, protection, and provision. This song never fails to open a door to genuine, heartfelt praise and worship!

Artist:  For more than four decades, Richard Smallwood has delivered timeless praise music that epitomizes elegance and class.  A child prodigy who began to play the piano by ear at age five, Smallwood had put together his own gospel group by age 11 and was a student of Roberta Flack in his teen years.

A world-class composer, pianist, and arranger, Richard won his first Grammy and Dove awards for his production on Quincy Jones’s Handel’s Messiah: A Soulful Celebration.  The now defunct Richard Smallwood Singers and his current choir, Vision, are synonymous with the sophisticated worship music that he is renowned for producing.

Smallwood received his master’s degree in Divinity from his alma mater, Howard University, in 2004 and was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2006.  He was honored in 2010 with a Kennedy Center Living Gospel Legend Award.

And, can I tell you, nobody says “Hallelujah!” like Richard Smallwood!

Favorite lyrics:
You are my light
That shines in the midst of darkness
You are my help
You’re there in times of trouble
Where would I be
If not but for Your mercy
Oh Lord, You’re my everything

Sweet spot:   The second movement, beginning at 4:33, especially as he presents his own praise and lists the names of God.  

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